If you didn't see the video of the word for Olympia

Last week, we posted a video of some prophetic words over Olympia, Washington, and over the Northwest region in general, from Chris Overstreet and his team. They were encouraging words, and I recommend that folks who pray for the Northwest region incorporate them into their prayers.

It seems that many mail programs declined to show the video. Don’t you love it when technology gets in your way?

If the video didn’t appear in your email, or didn’t play for you there, you can go to the www.NorthwestProphetic.com home page to see it, or you can go to the source page (http://nwp.link/2CWt2fl) and play it there. (It’s on the NWP channel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/WmEs7ah3Jwo)

Thanks for your prayers for the Northwest, and for the NWP team!