Unexpected Authority

Last night I woke up about 2:00 am after an interesting dream, which then continued after I went back to sleep.

In the first scene, I was in a large meeting room of government and private sector officials and representatives that were meeting to discuss changes to state grant funding and regulations.

As the meeting progressed I complained to an individual sitting next to me that “we have been talking about the same stuff for years, and years, and nothing seems to be getting done. Here we are once again wasting a lot of time and resources to talk about the same thing with no hope of fixing anything”…

In the next scene I had moved to the front of the meeting room when the governor came in. She looked at me and for some reason asked me to come sit next to her. As the meeting progressed the governor became seriously ill and before she passed out, she grabbed me by the hand, looked at the people next to her and said “I’m appointing him Acting Governor” and then she passed away.

Everyone was shocked including myself because this wasn’t the way things were supposed to work.

In the next scene I was leading the meeting and making decisions to get things done…simply cutting through the red tape and organizational attitudes. After the meeting I was taken to another meeting with a different group of people – but with the same problems – going over and over the same old thing with no results. I listened, made decisions, and like the first meeting got things done. As expected there were large numbers of individuals in both meetings that didn’t appreciate what was going on and expressed their opinions.

As I lay awake thinking over the dream scenes and talking with Holy Spirit this is what He said:

“Change is upon the Body, change in focus, change in perspective, change in attitude and change in authority. The traditions created over many centuries are being shown to be less than accurate, less than desired, and definitely less than ME!

Many of My children are about to find themselves in unexpected levels of authority. Authority to bring change, authority to represent ME, and authority to get things done. These children have been soaking and resting in Me, they have found what their hearts desired and their desire is not for authority but to share Me…which is why they are perfect for what I am about to do. They will not desire authority for authority’s sake – but authority for the Kingdom’s sake and for My glory.

My son, you have been in a long season of preparation and so do not be surprised with you find yourself in a new and much higher level of authority. So be ready and enjoy that which I have prepared for you.”

January 3, 2018
Martin Best, Whirlwind Ministries