My dream life continues to increase and change with His directions and I am continue to be amazed by the depth and breadth of His plans for us. Last night I had a dream both for me as an individual, but for those who have been struggling to see their worth in Him

In the first scene I was asleep – dreaming about a situation – when my wife reached over and woke me up with those words that no one really wants to hear. Honey wake up I think there’s someone in the house.

I reached under my bed to my pistol storage safe and removed my 1911 45 ACP, flashlight, and opened the door.

There was light filtering down the hall \way from the living room area, and as I began to step out into the hallway I saw potato chips spread out along the carpet. I knew right then that this was serious – the chips were meant to be an alarm to alert the prowler that someone was up and moving. Little did they know that I had Samuel Peter – my 14 year old Sheltie and champion chip remover (his nickname is Hoover because no food stays on the ground long).

I quietly moved down the hallway, turned the corner and confronted a bushy headed white male squatting down working on one of my small safes.

I pointed the gun and light at him and directed him to stop, put everything down, and put his hands behind his head. I then told my wife to call 911.

Then it began to go from bad to scary…my wife froze and couldn’t call 911, and the bad guy refused to respond, and in fact turned around and with a smile said “I don’t think you appreciate your situation…”

He was right, but I called 911 and the voice strangely answered “Hi Dale, what can I do for you”. First my name is not Dale, and second this is not how 911 operators are trained to respond. I tried to give the operator the information, but something told me that my expectation of law enforcement showing up any time soon was overly ambitious.

As I confronted the burglar, I heard sounds to my right – around the corner towards the kitchen, I backed up to take a better position to cover both individuals and a youngish woman (late 20’s) came around the corner, addressed the burglar, and then saw me.

At that point all heck began to break loose, and as if in slow motion, I saw other members of their team out by my garage and storage shed breaking in, and realized that there must be at least a dozen bad guys – my next thought before I started shooting was –

But I don’t have that much stuff to make it worth this big of a team to steal…..
Another one of their team came through the side door with a pistol in his hand, and at that point it became a them or us situation. I told him to drop his gun, he refused and began the motions to raise his pistol and shoot – I shot before he could finish hitting him square in center body mass. He stumbled but didn’t go down.

Other team members began to converge on the house and I kept shooting, with the same results – for some reason the 45 wasn’t effective and I needed a bigger weapon.

I moved along the back wall when another one of our dogs (looked like a cream colored Afgan hound) came bounding to my defense – but then began to play with one of the bad guys (ok, I’m thinking this is not really working) I gave the “kill’ command and the dog became a bit more aggressive but not to the level needed to protect us.

I managed to get to my hidden gun safe, pulled out the AR-10 and began to engage both the up close and far off targets. I was accurate with my fire, but still they wouldn’t go down. And of course the police hadn’t shown up yet – which I had anticipated.

At that point I woke up and began to have a conversation with Holy Spirit.

The first thing He said was

“Natural weapons - no matter the size - are ineffective in the supernatural battle. The team invading your home was not natural, but supernatural – along with their human helpers (the 911 operator). My children need to quickly understand a couple of things

1. You truly are in a serious life threatening battle –but it is not against flesh and blood
2. The enemy sees your TOTAL spiritual treasure that you are often not aware of (your current and future inheritance) and his goal is to kill, steal and destroy

That’s why he sent such a big team into your house – your spiritual treasures are simply beyond your ability to fully grasp – and his goal was to disrupt the plans I have for you.

BUT I have a better plan, to take this and to increase even more beyond your current understanding, to create a situation where your awareness of your spiritual authority will be without question, and instead of the enemy attacking you – YOU WILL TAKE THE BATTLE TO HIM!

The police represent the current church structure, they can be effective in some situations when mobilized but they have to be notified. The 911 operator represent those Pastors and leaders who have forgotten their first love and their mandate from Heaven and willingly or not – have chosen to hear the wrong voices and refuse to train and mobilize those I have given them.

THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE - but for now understand – that truly the Battle Belongs to the LORD – and I’m going to be showing many of My children new weapons and strategies for the days ahead and I’m training those to use the BIG GUNS...”

Martin Best is a prophetic voice in the Northwest.