Pillars are Changing

“Many of My children are and will be experiencing a change of PILLARS in their lives, individuals
that they have looked up to for personal strength and support. As your Mother has always been a pillar for you, many of My children have pillars as well.

This is a season of rapid change and for the replacing pillars. These pillars have done their work well and it is now time for them to move on, some to come home to Me, others to new endeavors.

However, in order to raise the ceiling for those who I have called to new heights – I must replace the pillars.

Many may not see or appreciate what is happening at this moment in time, but soon they will see and know that I have set in motion a plan for the next season of their lives that will see them rocket to new heights.

So do not despair at the loss of your pillars, yes for some there will be a grieving process, but as My process says I will never leave you nor forsake you, so trust me as things are changing and be prepared for the new heights that I am leading you into.”

~Martin  Best, July 2017
Shelton, Washington