Greatest Outpouring / Responding to Prophetic Promises

Martin Best

IT'S COMING: I had a very intense dream last night/early this morning that at first I thought was just for me because I normally not recognize individuals in my dreams unless they're just for me. However, Holy Spirit said to share parts of this one.

I was in a large room like a school gymnasium with round tables and chairs, somewhere in the south, listening to the worship team. As I was getting lost in the worship I noticed one individual come off the stage area and go over to the table where my wife was sitting and begin to chat with her.

Then a few moments later a young man came over and sat down next to me and I recognized him as Jeremy Mangerchine . We started talking about “stuff”, how it's easy to gain weight eating all the good food around New Orleans, and then he said,

“The Father wants you to know that you're about to see the greatest outpouring of His Spirit since the first Pentecost - and that all of the signs, wonders and miracles since that day until now will pale in comparison to what He is about to do now through His sons and daughters who have been tried and tested over the years.”


Prophetic dream from Martin Best.


Do you want in on this? Even though it’s a promise, even though it’s a gift, it’s not without cost.

The key, I believe, to participating in words like this is ὑπομονή, perseverance: not swerving from our deliberate purpose. If we approach this as a tourist, as an observer, then at best, we’ll watch it from a safe distance; we won’t be in the midst of it. 

It’s easy to hear promises like this and get excited about them. That doesn’t accomplish much more than a temporary emotion.

It’s easy to hear promises like this, and to notice that you haven’t seen what it’s talking about, and get discouraged, and quit hoping, quit believing, quit pressing in for them. I don’t mean to be harsh, but that disqualifies us from most of the promise.

I hear Father emphasizing something this morning: emphasizing that we have the choice for how much we get to participate in promises like this. And our choice is revealed by how we respond. Here’s what I hear him whispering is a wise response, a response that targets us for participating:

·         Don’t just grab the promise (any promise) blindly. Examine it. Judge it. Discern it. (1 Corinthians 14:29).
·         An emotional reaction is fine, but insufficient. It’s good to be happy about an extravagant promise like this, but happiness is just wrapping paper: it’s not substance.
·         If we want the promise to come about, we pretty often need to participate with God in bringing it out of the spiritual realm and into the world here. That may involve work. It will involve prayer, and likely lots of prayer, much of it in face-to-face declaration of that which is promised as though it were already manifested in our community. Agree with the word. Vigorously.
·         I recommend dialog, listening to God even as we’re talking with Him (and declaring to creation) about the promise. He’ll give more clarity, more revelation, more direction in how to pray, how to work, what to expect, who to partner with, etc.

So do you want in on this? Are you ready to go war over the promises? This is part of the trying and testing the word speaks about.

Comment and application from NWP.