I was sharing with Holy Spirit recently on a drive into Olympia, Washington, to help a friend and to be at a ministry meeting with another friend … and Holy Spirit began to share with me some things about the times and seasons.
As a bit of background – over the last several years many awesome men and women of God within the institutional, mainstream denominational churches, often – and suddenly – found themselves no longer part of the organizations that they had been ministering in for many years.
For some it was a voluntary move – they just knew it was time to move on to something, for others Abba had to get them across the bridge and then burn it down behind them to get them where He wanted – OFF THE GRID.
And so for many years now they have worked in obscurity, enjoyed being the Church instead of going to church, and have listened to Abba as He began to reveal hidden things for the days ahead.
Like Elijah some felt they were the only ones, but in reality, He has hidden away thousands of such individuals around the world… hidden for such a time and season as is about to come upon us.

In the natural, our nation’s power grid serves us well, unless there is a significant or unnatural load placed on it, or parts of it are impacted by events, and then it is literally lights out.
In a similar vein, our spiritual power grid has served us well over the decades, but it has become stressed and weak in many areas and any significant spiritual issue or attack could cause it to crash isolating pockets of believers around the nation in spiritual dimness – and in some areas, darkness.
Today, Holy Spirit showed me that one of the reasons Abba has taken so many “off the grid” is that He needed to restore and upgrade many key sections and transformer in the old system and could only do it when they were off line.
Today I heard Abba clearly say
So be prepared and ready to be plugged back into His power system, be ready to take on a significant power shift, and to ensure that His power gets to those who need it…

Martin Best, 

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