Unexpected Promotion in the Face of Opposition

From Martin Best

I had an interesting dream last night that Abba woke me up early so I could post before heading into the office.

In this dream – that appeared to be taking place sometime in the late ‘50s early 60’s - I was a young African-American Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force heading to a training camp for advanced training. When I arrived I received a written notification from “Command” that I had been promoted to 1st Lieutenant effective immediately.

I informed the training officer that I need to go over to clothing exchange to get the necessary uniform items as technically I was not “out of uniform”. Immediately problems and opposition started…”Oh clothing exchange closes before you can get there, wait until tomorrow.”

I was finally able to get to the clothing exchange the next day and while crossing the street I was almost run over by a vehicle that “appeared” to steer right at me. I jumped up on the sidewalk and managed to get into the store.

Once in the store I told the counter clerk – who also was African American – what I needed and immediately encountered significant “attitude” and resistance. I was finally able to get the needed uniform items and returned to the barracks.

Abba revealed to me that He is supernaturally “promoting” many into positions of higher authority and responsibility – both in the supernatural as well as the natural. Because He is doing it there will be significant opposition from those in established positions of authority as well as those that would normally tend to be “supportive” as they may be envious of your new position.

Abba warned that we are to:
“make sure that you do not receive the promotion but continue to work at the lower level of authority and responsibility as a way to avoid confrontation.” 

He made it clear that He is causing these things to happen for Kingdom reasons and that we are to walk and work in Kingdom level responsibilities and authorities.

Good luck – and may the Spirit be with you 

Editor's Note: Martin Best, of Whirlwind Ministries, is a reliable prophetic voice in the Northwest. He is not African American.