Prophetic Word for the Northwest: Johnny Enlow

As I was in Tacoma, Washington the first week of October, the Lord spoke to my spirit. I could perceive the region being pregnant with destiny and there has been a generational build-up that is now ready to be manifested in this age of the restoration of all things. I saw that the Northwest was poised as a pull-tab to open up the nation to a fresh wind of healing. This was not just on the US side of the border but encompasses a large area with the US cities of Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Portland and the Canadian cities of Vancouver, Abbotsford and Kelowna – and all areas in between – being part of this, where the breath of God will now blow.
I believe the archangel Raphael, meaning God heals, is the great angel of the mountain of family, and is presently very active over this region with literally millions of newly released angels. This region has historically had seasons of great healing ministries and movements but this next wind is something that will go beyond that. The region will now host and release that which heals people, families, cities and nations. 

Oaks of righteousness will arise from this area and the leaves on their trees will be for the healing of the nations. The spirit of Elijah that turns the hearts of the sons to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their sons, will be greatly released from this area. In the spirit realm this northwest region is one giant eagles nest and this will now begin to be revealed more and more. Eagles will gather and eagles will be released. The eagles have been hindered by Jezebel and the Religious Spirit but with the new angelic help will they will now arise and shake off the disorientation, confusion and gloom that has affected them from the demonic realm.
The spirit of Elijah restores and brings healing at every level. We can see that healing only bodies from natural illnesses is not a thorough enough level of healing. Bodies continue to get sick as long as family structures remain primarily fractured. New revelation on how to heal families and on how to heal emotional wounds brought on by broken families will come to and from this region. However, it will not only be new healing information but it will really be revelation from heaven that in an instant sets the captives free. 
Family wounds will no longer take years of counseling and digging to find healing- but this spirit of Elijah will carry such a new measure of the Fathers love that it will be as in the days of Jesus – where He could touch the most broken in society and almost overnight have them functioning in destiny.

The spirit of Elijah will show up in a wide range of manners but its purpose in every manifestation will be to bring healing. It will be released by the laying on of hands, through books, through government family structures, through counseling centers and a new music will arise that will carry great healing. Pied Pipers of society will arise out of this region carrying a sound that will reach deep into the hearts of the listeners. Some of this music will not be considered Christian but will still carry the Fathers healing heart and power.

I saw also great swirls of creativity over the region and a new wave is coming in that will impact all the mountains of society. New ways of doing things will explode all over. New trends will start and go national and many will go global. New music. New fashions. New technologies. New church models. New eateries and coffee houses. New ways of doing business. Something about all this creativity will still be connected to the spirit of Elijah and so it will be that which serves the purpose of connectivedness and community and the societal healing that is brought on via this means.

The recent record rains in the Seattle area are a sign that He will now arise through the Noahs and the arks that have been in preparatory process for such a time as this. The rising waters will not be destruction but it will be that which is designed to raise the level of living. Even as the ark rested on Mt. Ararat (the curse reversed) so too, will this all tend towards reversing curses and restoring a higher level of living.

Let the Northwest Gate be fully opened to Heaven!

Johnny Enlow