Persistent Prophetic Warfare

Comment: This is not your typical prophetic word. This is a prophet clarifying the work of the prophetic to which many of us here in the northwest are called. Understand the warfare that you are a part of, take appropriate action, and do not let anything stop you.

Persistent Prophetic Warfare

From my experience there are two “branches” of Persistent Prophetic Warfare. There is what the Persistent Prophet continually does to wage war against the forces of darkness. And, there is what the forces of darkness continually do to wage war against the Persistent Prophet.

Of course, this is also generally true for ANY Child Of God. All born-again believers WILL have to wage war against the forces of darkness – it is written – and WILL suffer backlash and setbacks from that effort – which is also written. There is NO escape. It is our collective reality – and God has made this struggle plain in His Word. From God’s point of view, we are clearly to expect – by faith –  that there will be victories, and we are also clearly warned that there will be struggle.

It was the same for Jesus Himself. 

But I am writing about that particular subset of the overall battle called “Persistent Prophetic Warfare.” And more importantly, about the enemy’s objective and the tactics meant to bring Persistent Prophetic Warriors down.

The scriptural references that apply are legion, I know you know them, so I will be limited in using them and write more from my heart. 

Let’s assume that if you are on my email “to” list [where this article was first published] that I consider that you already know you have a Prophetic Call of some kind – whether it is the primary Call on your life – a complimentary or secondary Call – or you have intimate knowledge about or experience with those that do have a Prophetic Call. Let’s also assume that as “experienced” prophets we have already exhibited decades of proven experience – and have had ongoing struggle as we have “walked out our faith.”

We have been Persistent Prophetic Warriors.

The enemy is not stupid. When satan sees that you are being obedient and affective – especially long term – he will do whatever he needs to do to “take you out.” He will also be persistent. He will continue to attack your day job, those to whom you report to – like bosses or supervisors, your finances, family, friends, your prophetic “vision”, your health, etc. ...even your effort to continue on with life itself. Misunderstanding, rejection, weakness, shame, embarrassment, disappointment, doubt, fear, and sickness may be your “familiar reality.” You may even be called in front of legal authorities multiple times and find yourself having to repeatedly defend yourself for things you may or may not have actually done. Your family, friends, Christian friends, and co-workers may question you and turn away from you many times.

At points you may loose your prophetic vision too – as these things repeatedly rise up to overwhelm you – and not just in ones and twos – but multiple avenues of warfare coming against you over and over – and over long periods of time.

Effective Prophets sometimes fight on with few friends understanding what they are doing. Effective Prophets may feel the sting of isolation and wonder why they have so many victories, so little recognition, and so much struggle and discouragement. Prophets will know the Juniper Tree. 

And, if Satan can’t destroy you, he will try to distract you.

He will try to separate you from your First Love – and divert you away from your Calling and mission.

He will try to keep you focused on material things: your money, house, cars, clothes, tools, other worldly possessions, and the struggle to get and maintain them. He will try to make work and your ministry overwhelm you: with diverted time, an appeal to selfishly excel, and constant dissatisfactions with procedures, policies, bosses and co-workers. He will try and disappoint you with your family and friends. At times they will be indifferent toward you, neglect you, and – as in my case – outright reject you. He will try and bring fear into your life through the personal, national and international issues we are all facing. He will attack your health, ability to rest, cause you to be dissatisfied with your own level of fitness – and anything or everything else about you. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Satan will use whatever he can to separate you from the Love of Jesus, the Voice and Power of the Holy Spirit, the Absolute Care of our Heavenly Father, and the CALL He Himself has placed on your life. 

You will have Battle Fatigue. 

You will have battle fatigue. Not much fun, huh?

Hardened combat soldiers – those who continue to wage effective war on the battlefield against the enemy – ARE going to be the enemy’s target.   

Experienced Prophet warriors – those who continue to wage effective war against the forces of darkness and win – ARE going to be satan’s target. 

Both are going to face exhaustion. Both are a great threat to the enemy – and the enemy is going to direct his resources toward the greatest threat. 

There is that element of combat experience where the soldier and Prophet get to the point that life and death, victory and defeat don’t matter.

Continue the Fight.

What matters is continuing the fight. Because continuing the fight is right. 

So, be careful to face up to the fact that you are in this thing – Persistent Prophetic Warfare – for the long haul – and that in a certain sense (understand this with godly wisdom) “you” don’t matter.

What matters is far greater than ourselves or any earthly kingdom. What matters is Jesus and the Kingdom of God – and that in the heat of battle you continue to recognize the enemy, continue keep your weapons aimed at him, and continue pulling the trigger.

If victory comes, which it most surely will, there will come a time when your Reward is made known.

Jesus Himself will not forget you – either in the fight or afterward.

The Holy Spirit will continue to empower you and be your Advocate – both in the fight and afterward.

And, our Father will both dry your tears – and bring ultimate judgment.

As it is written: “God is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” 

He Himself said that He would “neither leave us nor forsake us.

Be persistent. 

Keep pulling the trigger.

Unlike combat soldiers, Prophetic Warriors have an unlimited supply of weapons and ammunition – and our Leadership does not fail.

Regards, Scott
Scott Wiley Arnold
Missouri USA
September 18, 2009