A Time is Coming to the Pacific Northwest

A time is coming when the future will intersect with the now, and God will answer the prayers of the mother-protectors—the leaders and intercessors—of His Church.  These are the ones who have faithfully prayed for God’s coming harvest.  These are the ones who have been praying for the removal of the divisions and demonic strongholds within the churches that have greatly slowed the release of Gods power. These are the ones who have been praying for God “to separate what was holy from what was common” (Ezekiel 42:20).
A time is coming when God Himself will gather these men and women in a place of unity.  A place of overcoming where the mountains that have previously blocked God’s plans will be turned into a source of blessings.  A place of overcoming where the mountains that had—past tense—blocked the plans of God’s Kingdom, will be turned into watchtowers to overlook the plans of the enemy. A place where the cascades of the Holy Spirit will heal the divisions between the churches.
Then the heart of God’s people will be judged, but judged with fairness and love.  Each person will be evaluated based on what they have done—how they have walked with God.  All who have done well will be rewarded.  Many will find they have produced rare and unique fruit.  Good fruit, and of such an abundance that there will be enough to bring many into God’s Kingdom.
When this happens, God will open up His book of Wisdom and History-of-the-future.  (This is God’s history of the future, and our God is an awesome, glorious, victorious God!)  God himself will provide the strategy we need to cleanse the church.  God’s light will shine on the windows of opportunity we need to act on.  No longer will we walk in darkness. 
God, the divine authority, will redeem His house and establish Godly unity and Godly government (perfected government) within His household.  Then God will connect His Church to His Power, His River of Life.  No longer will man-made structures block the flow of God’s Power and Love.  God will pour out great blessing and power to those who work in His harvest fields.
To do this, God is looking for a people who can wholeheartedly repeat the following pledge.  (This is a God-version of the 4-H pledge.)
I pledge my HEAD to better thinking, taking on the mind of Christ (under the headship of God).  My HEART to greater loyalty, to the people and Kingdom of God.  My HANDS to larger service, so all can see Jesus in Me.  So that I may bring HEALING to my church, my community, my country, and my world.
One pattern of unity God will use in this time will be that demonstrated by the International Association of Healing Rooms.  A pattern of unity where a passion for God and a love of God is more important than what denomination a person is part of.  A unity that believes in and releases God’s supernatural Power to the world.
A number of people in the Pacific Northwest who are already part of the Healing Room ministries will find themselves called to this greater unity. Other people will find themselves called as well.  Anyone who wants to align his or her heart with the heart of God is welcome.  Anyone who is willing to humble themselves and submit to God’s authority will see the light of God shine throughout their community—spreading to their country and to the entire world!
When this happens, God will take the Columbia Basin—a Bowl “cut without human hands”—and fill it to overflowing with His Power and His Glory.  (The phrase “cut without human hands” comes from Daniel 2:45.)  Then we will truly begin to celebrate the final harvest.
Joan Monteith, Benton City, WA