A Convocation of Eagles

Chapel at the Sea. 4.21.2012.

Introduction: A goodly number of prophetic people from the Northwest got together late in April to share what we're hearing from the Lord.
This was the invitation: "The Convocation of Eagles will be a gathering of the prophetic with the mission to hear what He is saying to the Northwest/West Coast. Our goal will be for each person to have 2-3 minutes to share what the Lord is showing you for this region. David Bodine and Mark Acuna will be facilitating the event and we ask that you come prepared to share and hear from the Lord."

I took notes, as best I could, on what was shared; missed some of it, of course. This is the raw material, not a sanitized presentation. Where I have them, I added the name of the person sharing that section. Note that these prophetic words have not yet been subjected to the discernment of 1 Corinthians 14:29. Each presenter is human; some parts are meat, some parts are bones. Please judge every word carefully, eat the meat, and spit out the bones, as instructed by the Book .

Barb Steely, Dave Bodine, Mark Acuna, Stacy Ramirez, Joan Pingle (Thanks, friends!)

Introduction to our host, the story behind this facility. Ann. Very cool! (comment: see her blog here.)

Opening: Jerry Chapman: Protocol and Invocation. Wow. (That was heavy.)

Dave: Meditation: “Focus.” We need to focus on what God is focusing on.

Mark: Acknowledging the tears of those who have been praying for this region for years.  Reminder: this is a gathering of the prophetic with the mission to hear what He is saying to the NW and the West Coast.

Barb Steely: Some history: personal history and regional prophetic history. Firebase Rainier. Eagles: as they come off the endangered list, prophets would begin to flourish. . Prophets in the NW. Prophets came to the NW. They stopped coming: darkness in the region. Eagles (bald eagles) are flourishing.
We, the prophetic people of the NW, need to come out of the caves, declare the word of the Lord for what is coming. Declare strongly, clear to the east coast. If God is telling us to speak, we need to speak clearly enough to be heard. We’re off the endangered list. It’s time to flourish.

Jerry Chapman: Last few weeks: struggle. That usually happens before something significant. There’s something here. My cave was covered with cedar boughs. Even struggled today. “Pray for enthusiasm.” That we would be energized.
Ten years ago, a Native American prophetic voice who travels the world. When she comes, she’s commissioned to come. Grand Chief Linda Prince: 120 drums. Her commission: land issues, cultural issues, relationships. Asked her to come to Cowlitz before they were federally recognized. We used words there, occasionally. Linda came w/ team. Shortly after, Cowlitz was federally recognized. Cowlitz leaders apologized for missing it. Cowlitz tribe is in a place of favor.
The church, the kingdom, is beginning to recognize that first nations have something to honor. Commissioned Jerry & Leslie as gatekeepers for the coast region. You’re going to delegate people to see certain things.
“What’s a gatekeeper?” One responsibility: guard what Yahweh has given you with your whole life. One thing I’m seeing: Jezebel spirit. For leaders: Jezebel is after leaders of Yahweh. Going to come, going to sit, going to draw Yahweh’s leaders to look at the local gods, to look at the distractions. Go to someone if needful: ask them to pray for you. Comment: most worship songs come here on Highway30.
Note: there is a strong spirit going on; native communities are gathering totem spirits, ancestral spirits, gathering spirits. As bright as things on this earth are, things of Heaven are brighter. We are called to step into the presence of the Lord and speak our voice, our voice (Firebase Seaside, Hushoma), speak before God.

Joan Pingle: With prophetic people, there often is no time frame. What  you see is not anchored to time. Remember the gathering in Whistler, may years ago. We were getting tons of things about eagles. The eagles were thick enough that the airport was clogged. 3000 people gathered. First reconciliation. No agenda. Wow. Exciting. First: young NA, weeping. “I came through a dream; God brought me. I came to reconcile red & white.” Flood to the platform. Red & white. Reconciling.
Young prophet prophesied flames, spreading. God led us to give a cake to a NA woman. “Oh, you’re going to the party.” With Linda Prince. Multi-cultures. Now God is bringing back, calling forward the eagles. Great granddaughter: It’s not California; it’s Nineveh! My struggle, included many people dying around me. We took an earthquake in our family.
Lord told me (late 90s): “Jezebel spirit is coming down.” Ran into Chuck Pierce, who happened to confirm it. “I Am will bring it down.” Bible: At the burning bush: “I am who I am, and what I am. I will be what I will be.” “I am that I am.” Let him be that. We will avert many things because I Am is in us. When I walked into this room today, I was about knocked down. This is a room full of prophets. God is up to something. This time, we’re going to see the prophetic in everybody. Not just east coast. Thank God for them. But God is bringing the east coast and west coast together, laughing. We are in the greatest adventure we’ve seen so far.

Tom Christo. That’s what the Lord wants us to declare: who we are. Receive a prophet. Prophet’s reward: to see. The mix of the local church pastor/settler and the prophetic/pioneer needs to be merged: both eyes to see both dimensions. God’s bringing balance so we can both see in the Spirit & be taught. We’ve spent 10 years with NA in Wyoming. Jez spirit is empowered by the NA spirit. Shape shifting, manifestations. We need to focus because we’re in transition. You have to focus when God’s birthing something. Focus on God: the one with wisdom, with power. While my wife gave birth to our babies, I experienced the birth pains. Today’s transition: from gospel of salvation to gospel of the Kingdom: the goodness of God leads to salvation. If you have faith to call yourself a sinner, you’ll have faith to sin. Bible is addressed to saints, not sinners. The culmination of knowledge is not a concept, it’s an experience. Church has worshipped knowledge, worshipped the Bible, even worshipped principles (If we do this, God has to do that). But God is making us know his as I AM. Word for these days: Thankfulness. Thankfulness is not a concept. Not just a teaching. It’s an experience.
As prophetic people, we have the power to change the atmosphere of wherever we are. Thankfulness is the key.  I experienced this: Vision: People around were stunted spiritually & naturally. Heavens opened up: new dimensions, including Spirit, Power. Stars: light, w/ occasional dark. Everything gave off sound & light. Joy. Fun saturated w/ expectancy. Endless gifts for everyone. (My secret place is while I’m sleeping.) Weeping for loss of that place. Thanks. Immediately back in that place. Power of thankfulness needs to be released in the church in the west coast.
Second: Honor. Honor those who have gone before us: NA, pioneers, forerunners. We’re not trying to “do the good old days.” We’re honoring what they’ve pioneered. If we honor those before us, honor will be with us.
Third: prayer. Encouragement not to give up. Prophetic prayer is not subject to time. Been praying for a woman since 1980. Been weeping around the world praying for Linda Meisner. Led thousands to the Lord in Jesus People days in Seattle. Got involved w/ a cult. Church wrote her off. He found her on FB. God’s told her to come back to Seattle (from Sweden) to the streets. Key ingredient in prophetic evangelism.

I never come this early in the meeting. I did have a word. It’s why I’m here. Unity. The Body has got to come together. God wants to woo us. I have to go wherever the body is gathering. Shared this in Castle Rock. Such an anointing in CR. Sorry for the tears; interceding for the region. Overwhelming.
In HS, God told me (in science class, in Atlanta) that I was going to the west coast. Sent to Portland & Astoria. It’s time for the body to come together. Honor those who have gone before us. Honor different flavors, different streams. Need to not react when they don’t agree with us.
Awakening is here now. Awaken my heart first. Going through all the old prophetic tapes; it’s all for right now. I will be no other place on this earth than right here, right now. The Awakening has begun. We need to get ready.

Miguel: I was sent here from the east coast. I have a word. We knew Oregon as “way, somewhere out there. Another planet.” I’m from Oregon now. I am an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m learning. I’m a student of the things of God. When he brought me here, I asked him about the area.
He opened my eyes. Saw 4 angels coming: there’s a mighty move that He’s sending to the entire west coast. It’s Time. To me. To the church. It’s time for the church to be the church. It’s time for the church to wake up. The promises are for us, for today. Not for the future, for somewhere. God is on the move in the West Coast. Describes miracles: Man w/ steel rod in his back; God made it bone, he could move. Woman w/ bad heart got a new heart. It’s time. So strong in my heart I can’t get out of this thing.
It’s time for us to experience, “You will do that.” It’s time for you, today, to experience the power of God. There is a mantle. The Entire Northwest Will Be Changed Because of Jesus Christ. Revival is here. We don’t see it. We cannot lookback to revival 100 years ago. It’s here now. It’s for us to experience.

Mark Acuna. Joan was saying, “I am the rock you’re kneeling on.” One of the Asters of Astoria died in the Titanic; this is the anniversary of Titanic. Day of great difficulty, great salvation. MV Carpathia was the nearby ship: named after Carpathia mountains: fundamentally, “Rock”. Floating rock of salvation. Psalms: God lifted me out of slimy mire, put me on a rock. Many will see & will hear.
Some of you have been wondering what you’ve been doing in this season. Some active; some waiting. Some feel your giftings are under-utilized. You are on the Carpathia. God put you on the rock, surrendering your life to him. He’s given you a job, and you’re doing it, thinking it’s mundane. Things got exciting for Carpathia when they came upon the sinking Titanic. They were there to hear the cry for help. You will hear the people’s cry for help.
There were people with a gift for navigation who responded to those crying out. Others know how to focus the light. The tragedy was pitch black; you know how to focus Jesus so he shines exactly where you need to focus: exactly the one who stands out. Our giftings are all needed on the Carpathia. The economy will shipwreck many. Natural disasters. Terrorism/war. Sickness.
You & I, just looking around us, we see so many needy people. Many will be shipwrecked. Some will be on lifeboats, barely hanging on. You can’t survive long on a lifeboat; it’s temporary. Remind you: The Rock has set sail. God has told you when to launch out. He set the course. He knows exactly where you’ll need to be to intercept. Welcome aboard.

Dave: Break. Open at 1:30. Start again at 2:00. We’ll go until 5; hard stop then.

Barb: Need to pray. Focus. Another international group called to the NW from New Orleans. Father, fine tune us. Focus us. Thx.

Dave. 1996: started a real ride. God showed up. Holy Spirit invaded their church. “Dave, we want to share with you what God shared with us this morning.” They laid hands on me. Two hours later, I woke up. I’ve felt it twice before: salvation at 19 and a year later when filled with the Spirit. This was new, different. God in me. I longed for those times. I longed for them. This is a longing you couldn’t understand, unless you’ve been incredibly in love. A lot of what we experienced in the 90s is still going on around the world. It’s coming again to the Northwest. We were a prototype. We are still a prototype. Old Pentecostal leader: “You have a genuine move of God. Guard it carefully.”
This is what I saw, this is what’s coming, this is what’s already being built. I see a harvest that’s ripe. I see a church without walls. I see a powerful outpouring so that the church cannot contain it. It’s too big. The same principle applies to churches of any size. Business as usual, and Holy Spirit shows up. Everything is turned upside down. That evening everybody brings their friends, and it’s doubled. Midweek, you’re doubled again. Next weekend, you’ve got 10x what you had before. Next month, ten times that. Businesses shut down mid-week to pray with people. Your home is full. All the time. Hungry are fed. Streets are reached. Everybody, every body, is filled with God.

This is way the heck beyond anything we have capacity to deal with.
I see politically in our country: it doesn’t matter who you vote for, politics will not save us this time. We must trust One, and only one.
We can’t leave. “What happens if all the people left?”

David: Here are four things that I’m hearing for the Northwest. (Vancouver to NorCal.)
--We’ve heard a fair number of prophecies about disasters in the NW, usually earthquakes & volcanoes.
          o I believe that the revelation is accurate, but the interpretation is often mistaken.
          o My sense is that God wants to accomplish drastic things in the social realm, in the spiritual realm, possibly even the political realm, not the physical.
• East coast prophets: “We can’t stop this.”
          o “They can’t stop it. This isn’t their territory.” That’s our job.
          o Gatherings of prophets/intercessors/odd apostle: Speak to the land: small earthquakes/volcanoes, instead of large. Prohibit spirit of fear that wants to ride the reports, and the events. Declare life & hope while we’re at it.
• Better interpretations:
          o Earthquake: shaking up things that haven’t changed in a very long time.
          o Volcano: bringing things out of the depths back to the surface.
          o Tsunami: water. Fresh wave of move of HS, of Kingdom.
• This is not saying that we’ll never have a significant earthquake; we live on the ring of fire. I’m saying that many of the prophecies of disaster have been misinterpretations of legitimate revelations.
--The PNW is a storehouse of prophetic gifts for the nation & the world.
          o There’s a lot of prophetic gifting up here. A whole lot of those gifts (people) have kept themselves free from “the system.”  I believe we have a responsibility to share the wealth.
--This is a season when God is unleashing women.
•  Gentlemen, this is more than just getting out of their way.
          o This involves making a place at the table, drawing them out. It may involve repentance. It will involve submitting to their leadership & discernment.
          o It does NOT mean that we sit down & shut up. This is not “Them instead of us,” which is how the world has tried to teach it to us. This is “Them with us,” or “us with them.” 
          o We would be fools to expect women to become “Men in disguise.”  Part of the shift is making room for women to be strong as women.
•  Ladies, this is more than theory. Don’t wait for someone to make a place for you. for someone to draw you out or repent for past mistakes. This isn’t about defying leadership. This IS about partnership, team.  This isn’t about doing things the ways men do things.
•  Mostly, we don’t know what this is going to look like.  So don’t pretend you understand what this is going to look like. “We have [mostly] not been this way before.”  Because this is new, we will make mistakes. It’s OK. Get up, dust yourself off, repent if you need to, and move on. Expect to get better at this as we do more of it: share the wisdom.
--This is a season for releasing broken people to ministry.
•  People that know Jesus – but still have wounds, issues, sin – are able to minister what they do have. Jesus example:
            o   The Gerasene demoniac: that morning, he’s living in the tombs, chock full of demons, drooling on himself. That afternoon, he’s Jesus’ representative to the Decapolis, to ten cities.
            o  Woman at the well: that morning, she’s “living in sin.” That afternoon, she’s assigned as an evangelist to Samaria, and she’s good at it.
            o  Are they healed yet? Do they have jobs yet? Do they even have their own home yet? Gerasene’s only home is the graveyard. Her only home is with they guy she’s not married to. Yet they minister.

Glen: We are sons and daughters of God, joint heirs. I don’t go to doctors, but I had a heart attack in October. I knew I was either going to heaven or I was going to get a new heart. Jesus is my doctor. He gave me a new heart in October. He gave me a new knee about 8 years ago.
Don’t back down; be persistent.
I had a dream, 2-3 weeks ago. I know quite a lot about deliverance. I saw demon possessed people delivered, bam, bam, bam. We are the body of Christ. Thanks for letting me come to church here with you. I want a new heart, and I want the job of delivering people.

Diana. Had a vision in church. You can still get visions in church. I saw a banqueting table. “Quit picking up the crumbs.” Sometimes we believe too little of what God is providing for us. God has had me in Romans 12. We are all there together. I came here today, not knowing anybody here except my husband. But when I came, I knew I belonged. We need all of us, and we need to all exercise our gifts. Keep speaking into other peoples’ lives.

What is God saying? Focus. We need to focus. Also: some prophets don’t want to come to the NW because it’s dark. But Jesus is a light in the darkness. And Jesus is in us. Immanuel. People didn’t perceive, didn’t receive Jesus. (So they may respond to us similarly.) Holy Spirit is here to lead us to all truth. People have difficulty recognizing God with us. But HS is God IN us, and that’s even harder. You have every gift of God in you. When you go to represent him, look for the darkest place, and bring light there.

Elijah had revival on the mountain: fire from heaven. But before the week was out, Elijah was depressed, alone, hiding in the cave. “I’m all alone.” God spoke to him, quietly. “I have 7000 yet, who have not bent knee to Baal.” God has thousands yet who have not bent knee to Baal, to that which takes our eyes off Jesus, off what he’s doing.
Blind Bart: “Jesus, son of David, have mercy.” The people in the revival tried to hush him up. Jesus stopped the parade, went back to minister to one. “What would you have me do for you?” “I want to see!” Jesus found it more important to heal one, that one, than to minister to thousands.
Jesus said that those who follow him will be despised, hated, cast out. Don’t feel bad if you get thrown out of your church, Jesus got thrown out of his. He makes crooked paths straight. We have lots of crooked paths in the NW. How is he making crooked paths straight around you if he’s in you? You are the vessel to make that crooked path straight.
I know what man has to say. I know what I was raised up to believe. I’m tired of the status quo doctrine & dogma. Please teach me, Father, what you have to say. I’m willing to throw my theology out the window in order to receive that which is fresh and new. He wants to fill us with Him, not traditions of the fathers, not religion. We are to BE the light of the world, the city set on a hill to shine forth.

Sometimes people push me off because of what I see and hear from God. But they pushed Jesus off too. It’s not actually about who we are; it’s about who He is. We spent 20 years in the darkest part of Mexico, demonology, idolatry, syncretism. “Why don’t I see in the Spirit?” “Because if you saw all that the enemy was doing, you’d never get anything done for me.
When I was ready to throw my theology out, God told me, “Grace is grace. You cannot mix grace and the Law. Grace has been accused by the law, by the Pharisees, of coming from the devil. Jesus was called Beelzebub. They say that mercy from grace is too easy. Law wants to kill grace, as it will lose controlling power. Jesus is grace alive among us. He was accused by legalists, Pharisees, of being of the devil. They arrested him, killed him, to keep their control. But as he arose from death, so grace arises to bring life.”
Thank God it’s a dark place. That’s where God shines the best. You are the light he’s shining. He may not lead you to multitudes, but he may lead you to one, by the roadside, “Have mercy on me.” He’s shown us pieces of what he’s doing. From the beginning, his plan is about bringing glory to himself by bringing salvation to those lost.

“God’s will may look much different than we think; don’t try to box it in.” Dream: pain in my heart. “Part of my word is being misrepresented.” What does the Kingdom of the grace of Jesus look like? “You can’t imagine.” We try to box in what the will of God is, but 1 Corinthians 2:9: no mind can conceive what God has in mind. Ask! Seek! Try! Imagine! But you can’t imagine: it’s bigger, better. Jesus didn’t come to condone disobedience. He came to say Grace, Discernment, Love: these are the important things, more than enforcing. It’s not the law: that’s just the tutor, to bring us to this place.
The woman at the well: Jesus uses the person we can’t even imagine to bring life, grace.

Heather: Nazgul: their only weapon is fear. 
Dream: hoards of hell marching on the NW. The 9 of them, the gifts, could see. At a certain time every day, they trained on some giant eagles: scary, but good. Eagles were doing this only because God said so.
When attack came, Nazgul would fly out to terrorize our army. (Our army: 2 mil; theirs: 100 million demons. ).
By the gifts & fruits of spirit, we have to take down fear, which wants to take out our army.
Note: we didn’t over-think it. We just did what God said. Hope I didn’t leave the stove on.
Some said, “You know that’s not real.” Right. “I’m not going to waste my time fighting those I’m trying to save.

Dara Casey: Bright blue. I was waiting for a young person to go first. A word from years ago: the NW had an orphan spirit. God showed me that the orphan spirit and the poverty spirit were married: a union. Because we’ve accepted orphan, poverty, therefore our children have had orphan, poverty spirit.
Hebrews 12:6-9: a sign of being an orphan: not receiving discipline. In the NW, our independent spirit, we’ve chosen to not receive discipline. So our children have suffered. Not known their identity.
Since January: I’ve been seeing birds. I’m a seer: I see, and I make things to bring what I see into the natural.
When I first heard about this convocation, I had no good word. Soon, younger generation came: “We want to be around you & learn. So teach us.” I had to adjust my lifestyle. Young lady, wanting what God has put in me. She got me a nest w 3 little pearls: God speaking to me about hatchlings. We must come together to protect the children. Hatchlings: small animals, hungry for more, just hatching out. Some have never been able to be hatched, because nobody has been willing to brood over them, like HS does. We’ve been unwilling to share our heart, because we’ve been hurt.

There are so many deaths in the past six months. Sad: they don’t get to see their grandchildren, great grandchildren. Our job is to nurture the Kingdom, to nurture the children. We do not have an orphan spirit. We have been adopted. We’re going to carry the fire of God. The Pacific Rim has been designed to carry the fire of God.
Hatchlings need to be brooded over. The need to be fed when they hatch. They need the DNA of the Father.

Someone adds: they need to be let loose and set free from the nest.

George: from the end of the world: Raymond, WA. Have you ever hungered for something? For a move of the HS? So thirsty, you’ll do anything. Hungry to see souls saved that you’ll do anything to speak a word? So eager for the revival we’ve talked about. If you’re not hungry, you’ll not receive it. If you’re not thirsty, you won’t drink. 
Trying to meet with other pastors in Raymond. “I’m not sure you’re supposed to be here.”
I go to the cafĂ© in Raymond, have coffee with the boys. Share as I can. Last night, saw movie Amazing Grace: as he kept contending, they finally got it. Somehow we can fight this battle. I’m challenged to keep contending. Keep visiting jail, keep building relationship, keep on keeping on. God is calling the church to contend for the faith.
Whatever he gives us, we have to contend for it. We need to fight for our faith.

Terry from Spokane. Acts 17:26: God has put us in our territories, assigned us. We are to stand in that authority.
In 1999, painted a painting: vision for two hours. Not a lovely one. Art in Senate before 9/11 (sponsored by Rick Santorium). This isn’t to be beautiful, not for living rooms. My giant paintings are covered in scriptures, artistically: it’s the only scripture some people will ever see.

Todd Adams: I came to share what God has told us how to minister in our space. In 3 minutes or less.
There’s practice in that: people out there who we really want to speak to: we may have only 3 minutes. Else we go to tattoo parlors, where they hold still.
Honor is something you give. Not get. Not allowed to require from others. Recently, I’ve had people try to honor me.
People aren’t interested in the 4 spiritual laws. But people want to see lives.
People have changed nations in a day. The world won’t understand that.

Church is divided: People who love history, or people who love Jesus.
Only those who are called will respond to the testimony. Must start in prayer.
Standing on chairs to call prophets? We need to do that for prodigals.
There is no knowledge that will come against us that did not originate in the Father. New Age came from the Father. They don’t submit to Father. Don’t be afraid of that stuff. Learn it. Challenge them: You can’t do it anymore.
We’re waiting for Him to manifest on the earth. He’s waiting for us to manifest him.
Don’t ask if you should. Ask if you may.
Do what you’ve never done before. Don’t be caught in the trap. Do what nobody’s doing.

Gary: Cameron & I out in the streets, doing kingdom stuff. Kind of scary; witches come after me. When you start speaking truth, you get people angry. Truth is not in vogue anymore.
In the trenches. I need wisdom. I’m afraid for what’s coming down. Asking Lord for help. Recently started, “Pastoral Care Network,” in response to prophetic word about remodeling the church. Worse than being on the street. We’re called to reach the lost before the end comes.
I’m afraid for people like Cameron: his assignment is Portland state. People get angry, show their teeth. No fear. I’m hearing that, trying to get that. Introduce Cameron.

Cameron. Through a series of visions, God called me to Portland State, but not for degree. Vision: healings, power being dumped out. Major mind-molding in all of Oregon. All the lies are propagated here. (God says, “Grace much more.”)
Some things have resonated. Healing is coming. If you want to see healing: take it to the streets. That’s where you’re going to see amputated limbs grow back.
We don’t talk a whole lot about the gift of miracles: the ability to do miracles. Dream (vision?): No sense of power/authority in the natural, but ability to reach into Spirit. Walked into car: healed broken necks, scoliosis, healed broken people. Healed a broken bike. I see that this will only come through Jesus. But there’s such a need. Such a need for the power of God poured in the streets. Word about Nineveh? Wicked society. I can’t walk in that without authority from on high. I know I walk in that, but why the Tupperware lid between us? Jonah had an anointing to see an entire nation repent. There’s power there.
Authority, outpouring that we desire, happens when go out. In dark places, it’s like we’re preaching in an anechoic chamber: no resonance, no reflection. Jesus, help us!
Who’s molding all this? I know God wants to change it all!
Thanksgiving is a powerful thing. It battles depression, darkness.