Bob Jones, Rick Joyner: 2012

Bob Jones and Rick Joyner speak about what they see coming in the year 2012.

A quick summary:
  • It will be imperative to be anchored in hope (Rom. 15:13), and not allow the enemy to steal our hope, no matter what. 
  • Wisdom is returning to the American Church; She has returned to take over the Father's business. Knowledge + experience = wisdom; knowledge + wisdom = understanding. Wisdom is coming to bring new levels of understanding of the times. This understanding will enable us to know the right decisions to make and people will follow us. 
  • Remnants are coming forth to be guides for the entire body of Christ; to show us what the Father requires. One thing He requires is love. 
  • Your place in heaven depends on how much you learned to love. The only foundation that will stand is the one built on love. 
  • It is a time for repentance; repenting for putting things, people, and even circumstances higher than God. We must spend more time loving the Lord than working for Him. 
  • Lets learn to love Him and work alongside Him, because the Harvest is coming.