MorningStar Prophetic Alert & Call to Prayer

Introduction: This is a call to prayer from a reliable intercessor leader, about an issue that would affect the Pacific Northwest as it affected other areas of the region. We've shared the with a handful of prophetic intercessors in the Northwest and we're getting confirmation back.

A brief word of explanation: when God reveals the enemy's plans like this, it's as if He's saying, "This is what is planned now. Do you approve this, or will you change these plans?" (Refer to Genesis 18:16-33 for another example)

Please join me in changing the plans.

As the Lord gives you additional insight, please feel free to forward it to northwestprophetic(at)

For your prayerful consideration...
"Dear Friends of MorningStar,

In the last twelve hours, four intercessors have contacted me regarding prophetic alerts of violence and/or war. This actually fits in with other alerts that have come in separately, including one last week that had "global impact."

We are not sure where this pertains to, but there is a common theme of being asleep or not prepared causing injuries.

The Lord has raised up this network for such a time as this. Please pray and seek the Lord, and if He shows you anything, please share it with me. I will put the pieces together so that we can pray more effectively.

If there is anything I know, it is how powerful this combined force is! Do not underestimate the power of our praise, prayer, intercession, declarations, and decrees. We CAN avert danger where ever it is planned. Whatever is in the heart of God, we CAN bring it forth in the earth.

So, let's stir ourselves up in our most holy faith and avail ourselves to the Most High God that we may be His watchmen, His gatekeepers, and His warriors. You know your post. Run to it now.

I bless you and pray that the God of peace will saturate you with His peace and that His authority and dominion will prevail over the plans of the evil one. Remember who you are in Christ, and who He is in you!

Tracy Schellhorn


The confirmations are rolling in concerning this alert of brewing violence and/or war.

Please keep seeking the Lord, and continue to pray. There is more to this puzzle, and even more I'd like to share, but for now let's officially consider our alert level raised.

Something is brewing, and the Lord wants us to know about it. Let's find out what He wants us to do about it.

Tracy Schellhorn