An Evening Of God's Presence In Tonasket

[Tonasket is located in Okanogan County, Washington, east of the Cascade Mountains and bordering Canada. Highway 97, the historic Cariboo Trail, starts in Northern British Columbia and passes through Tonasket on its way to the interior of Northern California.]

On Sunday night February 21, 2010 our church youth group decided to dispense with their normal mix of activities and have a night of only worship. Our adult leaders only attend the youth meeting occasionally, but several of us felt compelled to attend this night.

The worship team (they also lead us on Sunday morning) started on a high level. While the youth were being drawn into an atmosphere of worship in the presence of God, I found myself led to go off into a corner to pray.

Immediately I felt a sense of outrage in my spirit regarding the domination of religious attitudes in our rural community, and how religion holds captive many people who would otherwise seek a deeper walk with God. I was led to prophecy against religion's strongholds in our area, whether it named itself Christian or Secular or Pagan, and to declare freedom to all God's people. It was an intense time of declaration that lasted several minutes.

I suddenly felt a release from the declarations, and became aware of the worship for a bit. In a minute or two I found myself drawn to another intense time in my spirit, this time regarding the many prophecies and visions regarding revival in this region, including The Coming Flood prophecy ( Two prophecies I had spoken about the region that have come to pass came to mind (the opening of the gold mine; the record salmon run), as well as the various prophecies spoken about Tonasket being a Gate.

As all the various prophecies and visions were reviewing in my mind, I found myself telling God, “The signs all seem to be in place and the confirmations are so sure. Why hasn't this prophesied revival come?” The answer came quickly: “It only takes one person to proclaim it.” I took that as a challenge from God, and began to prophesy a flood of revival to sweep from the far Northwest in Canada down through the interior of Washington State and into Oregon and beyond. I was naming specific regions one by one, and God kept challenging me to proclaim revival “Farther north! Farther north!” when I tried to stop a couple of hundred miles north of the US-Canada border. I could picture the Northwest Territories region of Canada in my mind.

When I turned my attentions to the south, I asked God where this flood would end. He told me “Redding, California. Bethel Church is prepared to be a catch basin for this flood. They can distribute the waters of this flood worldwide.” I saw a vision of an angel standing over a large basin, like a laver in the Temple, except that the land itself was the laver, polished to perfection. I remembered how I thought, on my first trip to Redding, that the area seemed like a large bowl surrounded by mountains.

For several minutes – time seemed to stand still – I prophesied revival over the interior Northwest from the Northwest Territories to Redding, California. Through the Okanogan Valley of BC and Washington, down through Central Oregon and down to Redding. I asked God about natural signs that might accompany the spiritual flood. “There's not enough snow in the mountains this winter for a flood,” I said. God replied that the natural manifestation would be an uncommon flood that didn't come from the mountains but would rise up from the earth.

When I was finished, it felt like waking up, and I rejoined the worship. The manifest presence of Holy Spirit was evident and tangible. The youth were praying over each other, and some were quietly weeping overcome by joy. At that point Josh, 19, the worship team's bass player, who loves to worship but does not like to speak out in public, stepped to the microphone and boldly told everyone “God's here! His presence is filling the room. But one of you is resisting! Peel away the layers of your heart and let the light of God's love fill you.” As he said that, the presence of God in the room became much more evident. Josh fell to the floor overcome by Acts 2 inebriation. Other youth who are leaders prayed for him, then for others in the room. Manifestations of the touch of God in the young were spreading: laughter, weeping, dancing, Acts 2 inebriation, prophesying.

When this happened I had an overwhelming sense in my spirit that God had led me through a time of doing enormous things during my earlier prayer time. This sense of awe was like nothing I have experienced in God before. I was overcome by an awareness that through my prophetic declarations God had just unleash the mighty revival that has been the subject of prophetic declarations and visions for years. The sense of awe was overwhelming to the point that I began to cry with deep sobs and a stream of tears that soaked my face and beard.

After several minutes of crying hard, leaning against the back wall, I sat down. I felt spiritually and physically exhausted. Just then Christa, 13, came and sat down next to me. First she prayed for me, then said, “There's an angel here. I can see it. But I don't understand why.” I told her that God directs prophets to look deeply into things and to ask questions. So she excitedly ran back to where she had been.

While she was looking and asking, I inquired as well. I asked God for the angel's name. The answer was immediate: “The name of the angel is First Things. This angel is required to be here so it will witness the beginning of this great revival.” Again I was overwhelmed by awe and began to cry again.

In a couple of minutes Christa came back, excited. “The angel says he is a revival angel. It said 'You called me here, now use me.'” I told her what God had told me. A couple of minutes later she shared the revelation with the group.

The Next Day

On Monday I took a phone call from Lee, who lives in the region and walks in an apostle's calling. He was calling to fill me in regarding the previous Saturday's five-fold potluck which I had missed. (We have occasional gathering in Okanogan County of fivefold leaders who are pressing into the current move of God.) He told me the following story from Saturday's meeting, then I told him what had happened to me over the weekend.

Lee said:

A couple who were originally from this area served as missionaries for years. When they returned to the US they regularly hosted missionaries who needed a place of rest or were just passing through. One of these visiting missionaries had been in Russia for several years. While touring Siberia, this missionary found a group of Christians who for several years had been carrying a strong burden to pray for global revival. The missionary asked them if they knew if God was indicating where the great revival would start, and they said yes. One of the locals brought out a globe, and someone put their finger on the globe where they said God was showing them global revival would start. The finger was on the Okanogan region of Washington State and British Columbia.

Lee also told me that a pastor in the area has been feeling stirred in his spirit regarding the Northwest Territories of Canada. He feels God is doing a mighty thing there.

Randall Newton
Tonasket, Washington, USA
February 21, 2010
Co-Leader, Tonasket Assembly