An Urgent Call for the Right Ammunition for Our Spiritual Weapons

With all of the spiritual weapons I have seen being used in our war against the enemy, I am beginning to wonder and ask, "Lord, do we have the right ammunition? What is the right ammunition?" Having the wrong ammunition in a weapon is like any one of us holding onto a ministry position we are not (or are no longer) called to—at which point we wonder why the ranks of our army are not effective.

Being Ejected into a Higher Purpose

Sometimes God will allow our ministry to be rejected by man so He can eject us into His higher purpose! Remember that God is always looking out for us to go higher but not necessarily our ministry. The word "reject" means "to throw away." The word "eject" means "to drive out forcefully, to force to leave." If you think you and your ministry have been rejected by people and circumstances, you may be, in God's eyes, "ejected" into your higher calling.

Recently, I was praying for a Pastor who was seeking a word from the Lord because he needed direction. He told me nothing about his situation so I wouldn't be influenced by the information in hearing from the Lord. I then saw a vision of a pump shotgun. When this type of gun is pumped, it automatically ejects the empty shell of ammunition so the next shot can be loaded into the gun.

I saw this Pastor's ministry as an empty "shell" that was seemingly being "rejected" by all appearance, in his own eyes and by many in his congregation. But his ministry was actually being ejected in God's eyes, so that the Lord could use him in an even greater way. Remember that God is always looking out for us to go higher, but not necessarily our ministry.

I then saw the Lord loading the minister himself into this gun to be shot out where he has never gone before, into an apostolic calling. Just like a shotgun having many BBs in its shot to hit a wider range of target, the Lord spoke, "There is a ministry that scatters and yet increases! This Pastor's ministry advancing now will begin to hit many targets far and near."

Sometimes our present ministry must be ejected from our lives in order for God to use us in His higher purposes. I sense many ministries in this hour may appear to be retreating but are actually advancing in another direction! I have seen this in ministries and in my own. What I enjoyed doing was seemingly rejected by others, but it was God "ejecting" that part of my ministry in order for me to be used in a greater way. I loved that part of ministry so much that I would probably never have given it up on my own, so God used people to help me give it up!

I am not condoning having a rejection complex and thinking everyone is out to reject you or your ministry. You must keep a right spirit and have patience toward those who oppose you until God does the ejection through the rejection. I believe that when it's of God and in His timing, you will experience an "injection" of His presence and a peace that passes all understanding.

You Are the Ammunition

While searching for our spiritual weapons, I have found the ammunition for them...WE ARE IT! Recently in a glorious atmosphere of worship, and yet wondering why our weapons of warfare seemed to be lacking in power against the enemy, I sensed the Lord saying, "Can I load you into My cannons?"

Up until now, we seemed to have given God our worship, prayers and invested money to help build His army, but He was now requiring us to become His ammunition for His weapons. He seemed to be saying, "You are all I have to use on this earth to overcome the enemy! Trust Me and let Me load you into My weapons." He needs nothing else but us completely surrendered to Him to be loaded into His spiritual cannons, guns and warships.

The revelation of us becoming His ammunition dawned on me: a cannon ball knows that it is not coming back! The ammunition in a gun knows it will not return from where it was shot out! I sensed a very serious call that I have forgotten over the years, that the call of God is a one way ticket with no turning back. If we even think about turning back we will.

This call reminded me of what I have read of past generations when the call of God came so strongly for many to go to the mission fields in other countries of the world. These called out people took their call so seriously that when they boarded the ships to these nations, they also boarded their caskets on the ship with them. They knew they weren't coming back! If they even thought about returning, they would have. They knew the day they chose to follow Jesus was the day they died to self.

They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.—Revelation 12:11

Likewise, the Lord is calling us to go all the way with Him on this offensive attack, on a one-way ticket. Spiritual cannons, guns, and warships are now poised and aimed at enemy targets. Ammunition is now being summoned...we are it! Are we willing?

Bill Yount,

August 2009

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