Do Not Fear The Coming Things

by Larry Randolph

I feel the Lord is saying, "I am coming out of the book of Revelation, as the Rider of the white horse, who has on my loins, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is a company that is following Me, and I am riding into the middle of this nation, and I am bringing with Me the sounds of Heaven and the promises of your fathers and forefathers."

I feel the Lord saying, "I am beginning in the small places, the coastal regions, the hills, and there’s going to be the sound and noise of the hoofs of horses of heaven as they ride to this war of Revelation. As I begin to come, I am going to unleash a fresh sense of revival and renewal in this land. Because great calamities are coming upon this earth, but great, great things are going to arise simultaneously, and I am going to pour My Spirit out in such a way you will say, 'What calamities? What lack?'" "You will not be lacking. I will cause you to abound in every good work, and cause you to succeed." And you will say, 'The Lord is so gracious to us, even when the real estate bubble bursts, we were still blessed beyond our wildest dreams, and when gas went up, and when food went up, and when things happened and the drought came, it didn’t matter. He is the God of provision, He is the God of total provision, and we are rejoicing, and we are glad in the provision of the Lord.'"

The Lord said, "I shall bring increase to you. Do not fear the coming things, but position yourself for a blessing like you have never had before," and the Lord says, "I speak to the churches of this region, and I say I am coming to visit the churches of this region once again."

"When I stirred up My Spirit in the 20's and 30's in this region, there was an anticipation that something was happening that was of great value, in the core of the ground in this place." The Lord was putting His Spirit here for a particular reason and in the decades past. The Lord says, "And things quieted--things went on as they were," but the Lord says, "I am the God of remembrance, and the God of old landmarks, and I put my mark in this region of Oregon many decades ago, and I say this is a place…a holy place where I will put my foot." And the Lord says, "That I have remembered, and I am about to call in the promises, and I am about to stir the wells of renewal in these areas here, and I am about to visit many in these places like they have never been visited before."

"There shall be night season visitations to personal people. Pastors that are abiding in their fields, as in the gospels, shall see the angels saying, 'Behold, tonight is born unto you a revival and the empowering presence of the Holy One, and as you see the star, begin to follow it to the place of birthing of revival.'" You shall say, 'The Lord has blessed our homeland and blessed our region, because darkness surely is covering everything around us, but light is rising on us,' and you will hear the voice say 'Awake, thou that sleepest, for Christ shall give you life.' For there’s a time to anoint yourself and shake yourself like Sampson, and say ‘I’m about to do the Lord’s business here because His anointing is upon me and now is the time’."

The Lord says, "Fear not you inhabitants of this region, although shakings will come, and although the devastations will be around you to the right and to the left, remember the Lord’s writer of Psalms 91:7-12 who said": ‘a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, but it shall not come near me, because with my eyes I have beheld the reward of the wicked; for shall no evil befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling, because the Lord has given His angels charge over me to keep me in their hands and they shall bear me up lest I dash my foot against a stone.'"

"I am your shield and your buckler, I am your truth, under My wings shall you shelter yourself, and in the secret place of the Most High shall you abide. Now I promise you that I shall shelter you in times of calamity, in times of sickness, in times of devastation, because when I married you I said we would go through this thing together and I am a God of covenant."

"I have made a covenant with you, and I will make your latter greater than your beginnings. In this time of visitation, I will bring such a feeling of joy and a feeling of rest and peace, that you will say, 'I will never, never, return to religion again. I will only want You, Lord, and the relationship You provide and the church of the redeemed of the firstborn that I am with. We want to just worship and have fun with You, be blessed by You, and be anointed by You, and go fishing with You, and bring the wealth of the wicked, and the resources of the earth and the men and women whom You have loved. Lord this is a time, an incredible time that You have given us--a window of opportunity to come out of our place of obscurity--like Joseph, and literally approach, command the throne of Pharaoh.'"

I feel the Lord is saying, "This is not a delay, this is not a going to be, this has already begun, and you are going to see the ramifications of My Spirit begin to move in this region." The Lord says, "I will deal with division that has been in this area, because it has been a spirit of division that was sent. Because of the great potential for this region, the enemy has divided you, so you can’t manage properly the success I have destined before in this place."

"I shall give you lands, I shall give you properties, and you have said, 'The properties are rising in this region, they are going up."" The Lord says, "Don’t worry as they go up. I will give you more resources to buy as they go up. It’s all relative."

The Lord says, "I am going to cause you to own vineyards in this place, and cause you to own buildings in this place, and cause you to own lands, and I will cause you to own things, because you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise."

"I shall bless you in the city, and I shall bless you in the field, and bless you coming in and bless you going out, and your seed shall be blessed," says the Lord. "This is pressed down, shaken together and running over, to the point that you say, 'I have to give away, because I have too much for myself.'"

The Lord says, "I shall cause you to lay up resources for your children and your children’s children because you are about to see the graciousness of the Lord and the bounty of the Lord in a way you have never seen before."

"For I am the Lord of covenant, and I have made covenant with your ancestors and father Abraham, that I would bless his seed. You’re his seed, and you are about to receive the fulfillment of that prophecy," says the Spirit of the Lord.

"Get your hearts ready to be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations."

"Get your spirit ready to carry an anointing like you have never carried before. Get your mind ready to handle miracles like you have never seen before."

"Get ready to prophesy, and interface with the world like you have never done before. Get ready, for the harvest is ripe, and I am sending you as laborers into the harvest to reap where other men have already sown."

"You are going to say, 'This is easy, because it is time; now is the time says the Spirit of the Lord, and I shall rebuke the devourer in this valley, in this mountain, in this region,'" says the Spirit of the Lord.

The Lord says for Oregon, "I shall rebuke the liberal devourers that are seated in the seat of government in this state." The Lord says, "I shall cause the plagues of Moses to come on those who are resisting the will of God. As Moses walked into the courts of Pharaoh--into the capital of Egypt--and began to declare, 'Let my people go, and let the righteous reign.'" And when Pharaoh resisted in his liberalism, the Lord brought curses against him and his household.

The Lord says, "You are going to see the beginning of the first curses against those who are blocking the will of God in legislature in this state."

The Lord said, "I shall cause many hearts to fail because of fear," and the Lord says, "I shall remove candlesticks right and left and replace those whom I have ordained for such a time as this, and you shall see a shift in the legislature. You shall see a shift in the places of power in this state. And you shall say, 'God is at work to redeem this state to the place of anointing and renewal that He has called it for.'"

The Lord says, "I shall bring this state back to the center of My purpose, and this region back to the center of My purpose and it shall be voiced all over the nation, ‘What is happening in the Pacific Northwest?’" My God! Washington, Oregon, Northern California…something’s up, because God has put His foot down on the Northwest and has declared this to be the House of God, Bethel, the very dwelling place of God.

Spoken by Larry Randolph; Roseburg, Oregon (10/2005)
Larry Randolph Ministries