Theatres Of Operations And Specific Campaigns

This is more of a prophetic article than a prophetic word, but it is deeply significant for us here in the Northwest region.

Think of how often the Bible talks about the Christian life in the vocabulary of warfare. Now think of the Pacific Northwest as our Theater of Operation. Northwest Prophetic is a part of the intelligence community in our campaign, in our Theater of Operation. These words are not for Asia, or for the east coast. They’re for us. They’re for our cities, our region. These are our promises....

Theatres Of Operations And Specific Campaigns

Prophetic Words as they relate to Theatres of Operations and specific Campaigns

Often at the beginning of each year there are a number of prophetic words that come out as to what will happen in the year coming up , however when you look at all of these words, there is often a lot of difference and in some cases they are almost opposite. So what is going on?

I think a picture from the 2nd World War will be helpful. If during any year, near the end of the war, you were to ask how the war was going, you would get a number of different answers depending on which Theatre of Operation you were in (European, African, Pacific or Southeast Asia) and which specific campaign. The answers could in some cases seem completely contrary, because there could be breakthroughs in one campaign and yet defeats in another one.

I believe that it is the same in the prophetic world, there are different prophets who prophesy for a theatre of operation or a certain campaign and all of the people who are called to that part of the vineyard resonate with those words, whereas someone called to another vineyard (campaign) are shaking their heads and trying to figure out where this prophet is coming from.

For me personally there are a number of prophets who regularly hit it right on the mark, of where I am at and what is happening in my life and ministry and then there are others who don’t do anything for me, because basically they are speaking to another theatre of operation.

I also have a blog where I post many of the words that touch me and there are a number of people who read the blog and tell me that those words also really resonate with them, because it would seem we are all part of the same campaign.

I asked Dan Olsen, who is retired Special Forces, for any insights on this from his military background and he sent me this reply:

I think you hit it on the nose. We 'know' our Theatre of Operation and are not likely to totally understand the other theatres, let alone the specific campaigns being conducted. Historically this has always been the root of many battles between generals and politicians over the priority of assets supporting the battle. The Commander and Chief makes the final decision. Well our Commander and Chief (Jesus) knows all the Theatre of Operations, sub-Campaigns and battles being conducted.

I don't feel He has any 'all knowing' Generals (though many claim to be) but He uses Generals over Theatres, etc. which would reflect in prophetic words that would be Theatre specific, etc.

So just as in war, we must understand the dynamics of the Theatre and the words spoken over it (social & combat intelligence) - taken as a whole to see what is going on kingdom wide. We get in trouble when we prioritize support to the battle, not understanding all the theatres and possibly having hidden agendas that cloud our thought processes. Best leave this to the Commander and Chief (Jesus) or His Operations Officer (Holy Spirit)

Trevor Macpherson

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