Money Multiplication Testimony!

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Here are three testimonies on a single subject. I suggest that we learn a lesson.

Ivan Roman tells this story:

It was at Mike Fogaras’s church. I brought a young man named Bryce with me, and Joe Meyering’s dad Steve was taking the offering. An atmosphere of God’s glory was so present. He wasn’t manipulating or sharing an hour-long stories about how to get your money. He was just telling stories of the glory of God and the goodness of God in his finances.

Bryce showed me his wallet on our way up here, and he said, “Look, I’m really sorry. I only have 12 dollars.” I said, “It’s OK. I invited you, I’ll take care of your expenses.” So he was in the front row next to me, and I hear him. He pulled out his wallet and he said, “God, if you’ll put money in this wallet, I’ll give it to you. BAM!” And he was kidding, he was just kind of talking to himself. And he freaked out and he goes, “Ivan! Look!” and he had $30 in his wallet, a $20 folded very nicely.

I didn’t know what to do, so I interrupted Pastor Steve and told the story. But not very many people know me, and nobody knows him, so it felt kind of weird. Then Mama, Mama Jill got the faith of Go. She says, “God, if you did it for him, you can do it for me.” She opens up her purse and there was $60 that wasn’t there.


Bill Johnson tells the story of someone who had been asking God for inheritance. He looked at a bank account that he knew was empty, and found $10,000 in it.


Shaaron Coleman tells this story;

I need to get to bed but I just had to share a quick testimony about a money multiplication miracle I had tonight!

The other day I looked in my purse and noted that I had no cash. I didn't think I had a lot of money in there (probably $20 or less), so I figured maybe Jim helped himself to a "loan" but he said he didn’t. We figured that my purse really hadn't been out of my sight, so I must have just spent all my cash and not realized it. But just in case, I said...

"God, if I have been stolen from (and I meant by the enemy OR a person), I demand the money back." I also determined that I would keep a close count of exactly how much cash I do have!

Today I had exactly $30 cash in my wallet when I went to work. Lunch cost me $6, so I had $24 remaining. Tonight on the way home from SOZO Ministry Training I bought some food for $4. When I went to pay for the food I had FOUR TWENTIES and TWO ONES! THAT'S $82! So after paying the $4, I should have had $78 left. When I got home, I had FOUR TWENTIES, ONE TEN, ONE FIVE and SEVEN ONES! That's $102! I can hardly wait get up in the morning!

I told Jim about this and he said that he was asking God today to fix our "money leak" because we have had a couple of repair bills lately. GO GOD!

What's the takeaway? There is no Crisis in God's economy. If you are obeying God in all areas including faithfully tithing and giving, the enemy has no right to steal from you. Demand your stolen goods back! And believe for money miracles...this would be a good time for us to start seeing more of this, don't you think?

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