THE RELEASE OF BREAKTHROUGH IN CALIFORNIA (Not another cliché breakthrough word)


Since January something has been up in California. Recently one of our friends, Liz Jones, came to California on a month-long prayer journey. She began to go into deep intercession for our ministry with one of our team members, Dr. Ayoade Alakija. Days and days of intercession went by and one day they had a power encounter. Liz Jones, saw an angel, and said the angel’s name was “Breakthrough”. He had come to bring revival to California and breakthrough to us, our city, and the State.


When she told me I was encouraged, but it did not fully register. In the past ministry I was involved in, WhiteDove Ministries, we did a series of conferences on a similar encounter that Bob Jones and Randy Demain had reported having about an angel of breakthrough who is instrumental in revival. Much happened but I was not personally impacted at the time, at least in a visible way. I was not discouraged because I saw other people, places, and regions impacted. I just did not personally have a breakthrough. I thought that perhaps Liz was just picking up on these encounters and applying them to us. However, I found out that Liz Jones who is from England had not heard of these encounters and that her encounter was completely separate from the others.


What got my attention was that many things we have been praying for during the two years that we have been in Los Angeles started to happen in the two weeks following the encounter. We had break through with our 501C3 filing; I sold my house in an impossible market that I had left in Alabama; and was given the money to pay the significant loss that resulted as a result of the sale; and, several of our team members have had breaks in the entertainment industry, while others seem to be going nowhere.
We knew something was up!

I recently went to a conference with Randy Demain who had had an encounter with what he also called the angel of breakthrough in Nigeria while on a ministry trip in 2004. This angel had been involved with Benson Idahosa during the great Nigerian revivals of the 1990’s. Bob Jones had a similar encounter a few months later with similar details about this angel of breakthrough being released in America (see for article). I told Randy about Liz Jones’ encounter when I was with him during a conference held on Valentines weekend in Idaho. He looked surprised. He said that the presence of the angel had left him, and that the Lord told him that he was taking breakthrough somewhere else for a while. However, the angel of breakthrough would be back with Randy in the future! Randy said “So, that is where he is!”

Randy began to unravel what he has seen happen when he prays for breakthrough in a church, city, or region. I believe it can be summed up in the following process: 1.) consecration/purification of believers; 2.) breaking through of promises given to believers and the purposes for their lives, as well, as for the harvesting of the harvesters; and, 3.) the release of believers into all the world to bring the Kingdom and give Jesus His reward! Our church has been in phase one, and partially in the second phases of this word (although there has been evangelism and placement into the secular arena lately that has been beautiful).


On Tuesday, February 24th, two significant things happened to us. Lou Engle and approximately fifty members of his “The Call” team came to my house to pray. We prayed over Hollywood and California. During this time I felt led to talk to them about the angel of breakthrough. I began to see that Lou Engle, who has been an intercessor for California for over 20 years, was about to see a breakthrough in the answers to his many prayers. We were also reminded together of a word he gave me at Harvest Rock in 2003. He had prophesied the following to me: “Son of California! Come home! You will be one of the main inheritors of my prayers for the last 17 years of revival in California!” This was three years before I moved out to California. As we reminisced about the word that day, Lou and the Call team prayed again for us to inherit the prayers that went before us.I knew I was not only standing for myself; but, for believers in the land who have hoped such radical things could happen in their lifetimes, and that California would again be ripe for revival.

Liz Jones and I shared about this breakthrough angel the same night with our body at our Tuesday night service in Studio City, California. I loved the language because it put total emphasis on this angel being empowered to release a breakthrough so we can see Jesus and bring HIM everything HE deserves! The fullness of HIS reward! What if God is about to break through again in a historic revival? Bob Jones had prophesied to us that by 2010 we would begin to see a measure of revival, and by 2012 that revival would be historic! When I was with Lou Engle and his team, I realized that makes 2009 a countdown year towards promise. I really felt that was for them personally but now I also see a corporate dimension to this prophetic parable. We are in a countdown year.


On February 25th, I had a dream that I believe is significant and specific to California (but, feel free to take it if you are from another region). In the dream I went to the store and bought 22 stakes. I painted the word “breakthrough” on eleven of the stakes, and also painted images of keys and crowns. I left the other eleven plain.

In the dream I went to eleven regions in California during 2009 with emphasis on the March through June time frame. I presented a stake to different pastors/ministry leaders throughout California to stake the land out for breakthrough to happen for them and for their region. The painted stake was kept for their ministry; but, the plain stake was taken to a significant place in their region. I had the ministry leader pound the stake into the ground to mark a covenant declaring that in our lifetime in there would be historic breakthrough in politics, entertainment, business, education, family, and church throughout the State of California.

In the dream I asked the pastors to begin to release stories of breakthrough on the Internet that happen here! I knew it was the Hebrews 10:24 principle: “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” It was important that believers in California hear from each other to spur each other on towards the love of Christ as a State. We are about to have historic breakthrough revival reports from our very State! I saw as we did this that God would release a strategy as contained in Hebrews 10:25. “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the day approaching.”

When I woke up I knew that God was marking out territory in California to inherit for His purposes. I knew that we were entering into a season of consecration and a measure of breakthrough that is a preparation season. I also knew that it was going to be easier than ever to find unity among the churches that are centered around the desire of the love of God to visit our State.


I was excited when I awoke from the dream that the 22 stakes also represented Isaiah 22:22 which we had prayed as a release over California while with Lou Engle and The Call team the day before. I also felt that they were divided into two groups of eleven because God wants to release the Spirit of Revelation over California (Ephesians 1:17) which is summed up by the attributes contained in Isaiah 11:1-4. He is also going to reclaim his purpose in this land one more time. Isaiah 11:11 states the following: “In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to reclaim the remnant that is left of his people...” This passage represents the bringing together for purpose, God's people.


Whenever an area faces crises such as California is facing at this time it is normally a set up for God to shine such a great and marvelous light. At this time our economy is threatened, our politics are failing, our education system is in turmoil, and, our families are in crises. But, there is a God of breakthrough who has a Kingdom that is higher then what we see. The strategy of Heaven is to release the GOOD NEWS of who Jesus is, and of His Kingdom, to cause us not to fail but to THRIVE in love and good works. THE KINGDOM OF CHRISTIANS IS THE ANSWER FOR THIS SEASON IN CALIFORNIA!


I encourage that pastors, business owners, entertainers, politicians, educators, and families come into prayer agreement of the scriptures just mentioned: Ephesians 1:17, Isaiah 22:22, Isaiah 11:1-3, and, Isaiah 11:11, over your family, occupation, and the land itself. One of the names of God in Hebrew is Baal-Perazim which means “Master of the Breakthrough”. This is seen in 2 Samuel 5 when David defeated his enemies in a land he named after this mighty principle. Pray for the God of breakthrough to come!

I will be going throughout the State during the rest of the year walking out my dream in the natural. I don't know if we will be doing this publicly or privately; but, we would love to report on what is happening as we walk this out; and, also, we would like to hear about some of the breakthrough testimonies of what happens with you. If you are a pastor and want to respond to this word please contact my office at (or if you have my personal email feel free to contact me there). If you have had a testimony of breakthrough since January 2009, please share it with us! We will be trying to go to all eleven places, which as of yet have not been identified, during the next few months.

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