Vision of this Whirlwind of FIRE Trailblazing Across OREGON

"I saw a Vision of this Whirlwind of FIRE Trailblazing Across OREGON"

Dear Denny,

I had a vision of you while Todd Bentley was praying for you at the meetings in Lakeland, when we were up on the platform together.

I saw a vision of this whirlwind of fire--trailblazing across Oregon, and it was burning up forest trees and the fire was spreading and it was getting larger and larger and it began to consume towns and cities--all across the State of Oregon.

As I watched, I also saw that it began to pull "golden stones" (people) out of the ground--they were alive. As these came out of the ground, they swirled within this whirlwind of fire and they were full of life. I saw these golden stones begin to shine really bright and then they were flung out all over the nation of America. Hot, golden living stones.

The Lord is showing me that what is taking place with you and your ministry, Denny (based in Albany, Oregon), is going to set Oregon on fire.

The Lord is also showing me a city--Medford, Oregon. The reason I know of this city is because my parents used to live there. I also saw that this fire touched Medford in a great way. The wind is blowing and the fire is burning and watch out Oregon, here it comes! Many people will be sent out from Oregon--golden stones to touch the nation.

Prophetic word for Albany and Medford by Rob DeLuca, May 13, 2008
via the ElijahList.