The Harlot Babylon

Introduction: This is the cover letter that came from IHOP, introducing this video of Mike Bickle's teaching on The Harlot Babylon as outlined in Revelation 17. I was hesitant to post this message, remembering how this phrase was misused in past generations. However, Mike's message - while very direct - is not the diatribe that masqueraded as prophecy in the past. The content here is not specific to the Pacific Northwest, but we will be included in the events Mike is teaching about. You can watch the whole message below (it's about an hour), or you can pick it up on IHOP's website here. I have watched this video; I believe Mike has a good word that is worth your attention and discernment. --Editor.

Dear Friends of IHOP–KC,

I urge you to log on to our website and listen to Mike Bickle’s teaching from this past Saturday night on the Harlot Babylon (Rev. 17). In this message, Mike gave a very clear trumpet blast exposing the lies and ideology that are emerging in the earth and even in some of the Church.

I believe it is urgent that we understand these false ideas and sentiments because they will lead to a unified, global religion that is part of Satan's plan to cause many to fall away from the true faith. We must prepare ourselves and others for the dramatic events surrounding this shift of the times. I strongly recommend that you listen to this prophetic message with a prayerful spirit and invite your friends, families and churches to do the same.

Misty Edwards