Two More Catastrophes

prophesied November 23, 2008:

kim clement"For there shall be two more catastrophes that shall not bring great numbers of death, and they will not be in the obvious places where people so easily can predict. No more on Louisiana, no more on Texas! There shall be little ones but they shall be laughed at."Remember the words of the Lord tonight.

"Chicago shall be shaken and they will say, 'Oh my God, this is one of the worst,' and then suddenly it will turn around and go the other way to a place where there are no people. But there shall be a lesson learned."

God says, "There will be another place and it is unfortunately California, so easy to prophesy about it because of the earthquakes, but one shall surely happen and there shall be such a divine intervention." God said, "The people that have lifted their finger and used the news media to mock Me and those that have said, 'We will never bow our knee,' as Voltaire said, will bow their knee." And God says, "I will shake the very homes and lives of certain ones."

I will Bring Forth a Righteous Media

"Michael Moore, do you really believe that I will kill innocent lives? I will shake you and you will make public appearance with your lip hanging," and God says, "I will keep you alive, I will not allow death to take you until you have sputtered out My name. This shall shake the community in Hollywood," and God says, "out of that shaking I will bring forth a righteous media that shall affect your children," says the Lord!

We declare righteousness on this Nation. God's going to invade the news media. God's going to invade every media that there is. He's going to challenge them. Oh yes, they will carry on reporting the bad news, but God said, "I will interrupt them and there shall be a shaking. And once I've shaken California, I will move to New York into Chicago, and you shall hear the sounds of victory," says the Lord of Hosts!

The Key I Give will Unlock Resurrection

Lord, You have given unto us the key of David and so it is, we shall unlock the mysteries of the Scriptures, for we have not unlocked everything. And these mysteries in the Scriptures that will be unlocked shall once again reveal the awesomeness, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence of our God in America.

Third world nations will no longer laugh at You and say, "Where are Your miracles? Look at ours." For God said, "The key that I give to you will unlock resurrection. Tonight, you prophesied 'rise up' and so it shall be even in your economy," says the Spirit of the Living God.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions
via ElijahList; emphasis is in the original.