Testimony: Resurrection

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” This testimony comes from Marc Buccheit, the Northwest Director for the International Association of Healing Rooms. I had heard rumors about a "Dead Raising Team" and asked him about it. This is his reply.

Dear David:

We have been forming a team of people that is all over the NW that have the same “thinking” and belief system that healing the sick is pretty standard now, and we are ready for the dead to start raising! I have personally prayed for four people that have not raised, but I have a faith for the next one to arise. I have two children that we are finalizing to pray over that died over the weekend in a fire.

The one person who raised the dead was Marsha Hayes, our Healing Room Director in Wenatchee. She was visiting the Revival Meetings in Florida, when she visited the beach and the life guards said that they did everything they could do for a surfer. They were trained in CPR and other life saving education and they said after a long time of working on the surfer, that they could not get a heartbeat. Marsha, told the Lifeguards that she was a Minister who heals people and she started praying in the Spirit. She started to release the word of God over the person and slowly the surfer came back to life!

We have approvals in different areas that are allowing us the freedom to pray over the dead! We believe it is a matter of time that we will have a constant dead raising ministry!