The Testimony of Jesus

In Revelation 19:10, the angel said to John, "Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Therefore, testimonies about Jesus are part of the body of prophetic revelation that God has for us. If we want to have all that God is speaking to us, we need both the prophetic word and the word of testimonies. I'm remembering that in the Old Testament, the place of God's presence - specifically the place He spoke from - was over the Ark of the Testimony, and inside the Ark were various items (a jar of manna, Aaron's rod that had budded, the tablets of the 10 Commandments) that were in fact testimonies of what God had done.

It occurs to me that by not including testimonies of what Jesus is doing in the Northwest, we've been unintentionally excluding a substantial amount of the prophetic revelation that God has already given to us.

Those missing testimonies certainly would have spoken a great deal about the nature of God, answering some of the question of "Who is this God that's speaking to and about our region?" That, in itself, is as valuable to us as it was to the Children of Israel in their wilderness.

But there's more. In the depths of the Greek word for "testimony" is the concept of doing it again. It has been said that that inherent in the testimony of what God has done is a declaration that He will do it again, almost an invitation to invite Him to do it again!

If He has healed this sort of thing before, then it's not just testimony that He can heal this sort of thing, but it's also a declaration that is the God who heals this sort of thing, and if I have this sort of need, then I should bring it to Him.

So we'll consider this a post an act of repentance of a sort. We'll be including testimonies - from time to time - of specific things that God has done, knowing that they are a part of the prophetic revelation for our region. I invite you, as you read the testimonies of what God has done, to pray and ask that He would do more of those things.

I'd love to hear your testimonies, but I'll ask for some contact information for the folks involved: we're looking for testimonies, not rumors. :-)

We'll see how to administrate this as we move into it. Thanks for your prayers.