Testimonies: Kirkland and Medford

Kirkland, WA

- As Catherine was soaking in the presence of God she got a word of knowledge about someone having metal in their hip. She had some students from the masters commission pray for his leg to grow out and for the metal in the hip. His leg grew and he regained complete mobility in his hip. Then they got another word of knowledge about a person with metal in their knee so they prayed for that person and they got totally healed. Another person they prayed for also got a new gallbladder.

- A 5 year old in our treasure hunt group drew a picture of a woman with brown hair and a blue shirt sitting in a wheelchair. When we arrived at the hospital there she was, an elderly lady with brown hair, a blue shirt, and sitting in a wheelchair. She had just been released after having a total of 5 back surgeries and was going home to recover. The team prayed for her and she was able to stand up and sit down totally pain free.

- Several people were healed of eye issues after a three year old had a word of knowledge about eyes.

- A teenage boy made a card about restoration and went to the local mall to give it away. He felt led to give it to a man who ended up to be a pastor who was writing a sermon and reading a book on restoration.

- A lady who’d never been on a treasure hunt before went up to an older Jewish lady in the mall and talked to her about how God can heal her high blood pressure and tendonitis. The lady asked her if God really hears our prayers and she gave her a picture about God holding the world in His hands and being with us even when there’s lots of tears. The lady said she’d had many tears lately and we were able to pray together.

- A woman felt led to give away her favorite bracelet to someone she’d just met and, about 30 minutes later, someone she didn’t know gave her a necklace with a prophetic name on it that the Lord had given her.

- A couple on a treasure hunt were refused access to the emergency room so the went to the critical care ward and got talking to a guy in the waiting room. His wife had been admitted for an infectious disease and they were able to pray with him give him a card for her. The card had a picture of a door with a spider web and the phrase written “to my daughter, you are shut up in a night but I am weaving a web of love that when you leave you’ll run right into.”

- Melissa got talking with a guy who had just released himself from the psych ward. Earlier in the day someone had a word of knowledge about suicidal thoughts and this guy had been attempting suicide since he was 9 years old. He was extremely sad, said he never felt loved and didn’t think that God cared about him. Melissa got a word of knowledge that he was into creative design and prophesied over him about that and just shared the love of God with him. Later another guy from our group, Dean, came up and gave him a card. The card he’d drawn had a picture of a sad man with stitches on his forehead and then another picture of the same man who was very happy, had no scar and a blue mark on his head. The Lord told him that this wasn’t a physical injury but represented this man’s thoughts. When Dean gave it to the man he didn’t even need to explain it to him because, as soon as the man saw it he said “this card is a metaphor about my mind”. The man on the card even looked like him though it had been drawn several hours earlier. They were able to pray for him and speak truth into his life.

- Someone drew a picture of 3 doors representing 3 decisions and gave it to a woman in the mall. The woman had been crying out to God on what to do with 3 decisions that she was facing in her life and knew that this was confirmation that the Lord would direct her on what to do.

- April got a word of knowledge about someone having problems in their spine so drew a picture of a spine and gave it to a woman who had degenerative disc issues. The woman placed the picture against her back and by the next day the woman was completely healed. Another woman with fused vertebrae by her head was also completely healed.

- A teenage boy drew a picture of an angel standing over a kid and went to the hospital to give the picture away. He found a mom who had a two year old with mental illness and was able to pray for him.

- A lady who’d never done treasure hunts felt pain in her right wrist so went in a store near by and found a lady who had pain in her wrist so bad that she couldn’t sleep at night. They prayed together and the woman felt tingling in her wrists.

- One woman ran after a lady she saw in a wheelchair and asked if she could pray for healing for her. The lady asked for prayer that she wouldn’t be afraid of dying so the woman prayed with her and her mom who was there. The lady and her mom were so happy about this encounter that they all took pictures together.

- One of the heads of the ER wants local prophetic artists to display their work with explanations of the prophetic art throughout the ER.

- Several of us meet a nurse in the hallway of the hospital lobby and gave her thank you cards for all that she’s done and given to others. She was moved to tears and let us pray for her knee.

- A teenager gave a lady playing violin in the hospital lobby a prophetic art card. The lady was a believer who was led by God to play her music in the hospital to release healing. They were able to pray for, bless and prophesy over each other.

- While in an elevator several people were able to pray for a man who’d dropped a cutting board on his toe and his foot was completely healed.

- Another woman prayed for a Pakistani nurse and gave her several words of knowledge

- One group met a man on dialysis and told him" God wants to release peace and touch your body”. They prayed and prophesied over him and he ended up weeping and crying. The man wrote poetry to God so they were able to explain to him about prayer and later found out that some people they knew had been praying for this man to have an encounter with God.

- Through a prophetic card a woman made about magnolia flowers she was able to minister to at least 5 different people. One woman said that was the kind of flowers she’d had in her wedding bouquet so it gave her hope that her struggling marriage could be restored. They prayed together for breakthrough in their marriage and the couple noticed a shift that very day.

McMinnville, OR

- Through words of knowledge in an evening service we saw an elderly man’s hearing restored so that he no longer needed a hearing aid, several tumors dissolve and pain leave from a woman’s throat, an ingrown toenail totally healed, and jaw, knee, and muscle pain healed.

- A guy on our team had made a prophetic art card in Washington two days earlier for a woman named Annie who wanted to go to Africa and was good at math but he hadn’t found anyone to give it to. When we arrived in McMinnville, Oregon he got a word of knowledge that a woman had rheumatoid arthritis and it ended up to be Annie. She got totally healed an ministered to. She later shared with him how she had always wanted to go to Africa and that this was an incredible confirmation to her.

Gas station ministry
- On our drive back to Redding we realized we were going to run out of gas before the next exit so all started praying/declaring for the gas to multiply. We started smelling gas fumes so the driver turned off the AC but the Lord told him to keep it on. The fumes went away and we drove on I-5 on an empty tank for about 15 minutes. When we reached the exit the gas station ended up to have a Christian book and clothing section where we got to pray and prophesy over a believing family traveling through the area.

- At one of the gas stations we stopped at a man got talking to Kris and, as they made small talk, the guy just started crying. The Lord gave Kris a word of knowledge about murder and it ended up that the man’s wife had been murdered. Kris was able to pray with him to be set free and to experience the love of God.

October, 2008
From Kristen D'Arpa, Redding, CA.