Storms in the Pacific

This is a historic moment for your nation. And you know, like a prophet, when I began to hear what Bob Jones was releasing, when he mentioned Canada, then I knew in my Spirit that Coral and I were here by divine appointment. And many of you don’t know seven years ago, exactly seven years ago, I ordained Todd Bentley with Bobby Connors in our church and the Lord has used him in a powerful way. But I believe that what is happening here tonight, this afternoon, is even bigger than that.

This is something about the mandate of the Lord for this nation. This nation, like a huge war ship, has been turning around for seven years, and the enemy has positioned his armament against this nation to take it down and the only answer for this nation is the church of Jesus Christ rising up again. This afternoon I was saying to my wife – aause I gotta preach tomorrow – I said “well maybe we should leave,” and she said “no let’s just wait for a moment.” I sensed that apostolically, the climax, that we didn’t come to it yet. I think that when Prophet Bob was sharing his heart, something was released in the Spirit. A shift happened and I believe that there’s a release right now for what God wants for this nation. It’s already shifting in the Spirit but we must be careful to turn our hearts to the Lord, and to Him alone.

This nation has not been lost yet. The purpose for this nation has not been lost yet. The hope that is in the heart of God for this nation is being released back into the apostles and the prophets and the church is rising up in this hour. So I’m going to ask you to stand as we release this word this afternoon because this is the key that the Lord has given.

I’m gonna share this with you: It was August of 2005. We were driving down to Texas and the Lord spoke to me a very clear word. He said, “Keith, there are some things coming on this nation, on the United States of America and I want you to prepare yourself to make a shift into this nation.” I shared this with Joe briefly just this last week. He says, “the church must be awakened,” he says, “because there are plots of terrorism and super storms are going to come against this nation that the church alone can stop.”

And he says “the key to this is going to be released through worship.” See sometimes we think we worship God and then we have to do things. He says “when they worship me, to the point where my glory comes into the place then whatever I release into the hearts of the apostles and prophets, what they speak, will be creative to make the shift happen in Spirit that will manifest in the church and in the land.” There’s so much power that’s available to the church, amen?

Now just lift your hands for a moment, let’s just begin to worship the Lord… “Surely,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “that this is an appointed time for this nation” says the Lord, “for there have been those who have gone before you, there have been those who have labored in prayer, there have been those who have prophesied over this land,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “but there have been storms that have come against you, there have been storms that have come against your government, there have been storms that have come against your land, and there have been storms that have come against the church in this land,” says the Lord.

But the Lord says “lift up your eyes and begin to look out over the Pacific for there is a new storm that is a brewing over the Pacific,” says the Lord “and the storm is by my Spirit!” says the Lord “for the winds are beginning to increase, the winds are beginning to blow.” And the Lord says “The winds of the storm that I have created out in the Pacific Ocean are coming towards this land.”

For the Lord says “that which I have desired to do in this nation shall break forth in a shaking and a breaking loose even in this state” says the Lord. “For I have called forth the leaders to rise up. It is I who have placed my hand upon my sons and daughters, and raised up out of the earth of this state, those who would walk with authority as apostles and prophets” says the Lord. “And yes, this is my doing, for it’s I who is bringing them together, it is I who is networking them together, it is I who is bringing together the alliance that shall be joined to the nations of the world.

But the Lord says “I have chosen this part of the United States of America. I have chosen the Northwest.

For many men have said ‘oh no, there is no church that is strong in the Northwest, the Christians are divided in the Northwest, nothing can come out of the Northwest!’” And the Lord says “I have picked it. I have chosen it. I have chosen that out of this place will come the fires of revival, and a movement, of the apostolic that will break forth the river of life that will flow throughout the United States of America and into Canada and down into Mexico.”

And the Lord says “and the move of my Spirit that will begin in this place will go around the world. Once again, there shall be a release in this place” says the Lord “and even today,” says the Lord, “because of your hearts and coming before me, I release a new wave of my Spirit, and of my presence, and of my authority upon you.”

And the Lord says “even today, call forth the apostles from these cities, call forth the apostles from these regions and allow them to decree that which I have placed in their hearts.” For the Lord says “It shall increase the intensity, it shall increase the breakthrough that I have ordained to begin even today in this place” says the Spirit of the Lord.

And so Father we release that right now. We speak release of that right now. Lift your voice and begin to give God praise…

Keith Abrams, speaking in Wenatchee, WA on 4/19/2008
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Thanks, Kim, for transcribing this!