Opportunity to Help With Northwest Prophetic

NorthWest Prophetic has opportunity for some folks that would like to be involved behind the scenes. No, We're not asking for money, we're asking for time and for skills.

First and most obviously, the NWP team doesn't have enough eyes and ears to see and hear all of the prophetic words out there. So if you hear a prophetic word that speaks about Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Northern California, please email it to us at northwestpropehtic@gmail.com. We are, after all, a community! If you can send them as text files, that's best, but if you have .mp3 recording or similar, then please send them, and read on:

Second, some of the prophetic words we are given are recordings and need to be transcribed. We're looking for one or two people who have time and skills to take a recording and turn it into a text file (which is just listening to the recording and typing it out). We have a couple of recordings of key prophetic words now, but I'd much prefer to add the text of the words: so many people who access this site don't have the bandwidth for audio or video files, and we're trying not to exclude them!

Third, and this is probably first priority: important, though perhaps not as urgent, we need prayer: prayer for protection and wisdom, of course, but also for the very things that these prophetic words declare. Pray also for strategies and relationships to grow and occupy our corner of the Kingdom in our Northwest region.