Living the Dream in 2015

2014 was the year of “Recovery and Discovery,” and the Lost was being Found. The Church and the people were being positioned for the Blessings and the Battles, and the Victories that await them in 2015. Yes, 2014 was preparational for 2015. Much was restored and recovered in 2014, personally, financially, and spiritually. The Spirit of The Lord was busy restoring, recovering and preparing, for it was a time of internal preparation.  It was a fruitful year indeed.  The transition continues into 2015.  But 2015 will be the Year of Victories.  

2015 is more about “external manifestation” to possess the promises of God over your life. Yes, the Glory of the Lord will be revealed in 2015 and many will be Living out their Dreams.  As the prophetic drama unfolds, they will live out their parts that were scripted by Abba for them before the foundations of the world. Divine Strategies will come and Explosive Growth will result. This is a time of much activity in the Spirit realm and upon the Earth.  It is much about positioning, for battles always precede victories. Time to take the land, which represents truth and the promises of God over your life, city or nation.

Lean and Mean in 2015
Yes, the Joy of the Lord is your strength, and the Power of Praise and Prayer will play an important role in the Possessing of the Promises in 2015.  But, we must put “our game face on” like a boxer who enters the ring or a soldier who is on maneuvers. You must have a winning and a fighting mindset. As a soldier, you must be lean and mean, that is a Mindset. The Spirit of the Lord told me that Mindsets much change in 2015.  Example: after 40 years in the wilderness the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan River. They had a “Wilderness Mindset” But you cannot Possess the Promises with a Wilderness Mindset.  You must have a Warrior Mindset, that is why Jesus appeared to Joshua as a Mighty Warrior, the Commander of the armies of God. Joshua 5:11-15. So revelation will come in 2015 that will give you a New Mindset.

Many Christians will also lose weight in 2015.  Yes the pounds will come off so you can be in your best shape both Naturally and Spiritually for the Battles and the Victories. Yes, and whatever else is weighing you down shall be laid aside in 2015.  Hebrews12:1  There will be  “Fireworks” in 2015, the Fireworks of Warfare and the Fireworks of Celebration. The Lord is appearing as a Mighty Man of War to lead you into Battles and Victories. And what He spoke to Joshua in Joshua 6:2 ... “See I have given ________into your hand... “ (Fill in the blank is for you.)  Yes, It is time to fill in the blanks, and boldly move in the direction of your destiny with a shout of praise unto God.

The “Prevailing” Winds will Blow in 2015
The wind of the Holy Spirit will blow in 2015.  This wind of God is like a trade wind, it is a favorable wind, and it will blow like a tail wind taking you forth into your destiny, it will guide you into victory.  This wind will empower you and it will prevail over your enemies. Many will actually feel this “Wind of God” as a sign.  Natural winds will also blow as a sign. The word “Prevail” is a key word to describe 2015.

Praise Encounters and Prayer Encounters in 2015
Divine Encounters will happen more frequently, especially during times of praise and prayer.  These will be special times of meeting with God. Yes, God Inhabits praise. Ps.22:3   And this will be so much more evident as these times of praise will become encounters with God, yes praise encounters and prayer encounters.  You will see it, and many of you will experience this. Key Verses for 2015 are Psalm 149:6-9  “Glory Storms” will also come and they will be a phenomena that is the result of prayer and praise unto the Lord. I am not sure what the term “Glory Storms” means, but when it happens we will know and be amazed!

With the understanding that “Judah means praise” Gen. 29:35, the Believers will demonstrate and experience the “Prevailing Power of Praise,” in 2015.    “Yet Judah Prevailed over his brothers, and from him came a ruler, although the birthright was Joseph’s.” I Chr. 5:2  Yes, I declare over you that you will experience the Power of Praise unto God in 2015 and receive your breakthrough. Judah ended up with the birthright because Judah prevailed. If you will boldly take on a “Judah Mindset” then you also will prevail.

Home-Coming Celebrations
Also there will be “Home-Coming Celebrations” and a feeling of “Homecoming” in the atmosphere. This is the beginning of a new mindset, a transition into the time of His return. The Home-Coming has to do with three things: to celebrate Church Heritage; to celebrate or welcome back former members; and to begin to celebrate the Occasion of the Lord’s return. Yes, Jesus is coming back with a Shout! 

I declare that you will live your Dream in 2015, that you will position yourself for battles and victories and be lean and mean in 2015.   As you yield to the prevailing winds of the Holy Spirit you shall be propelled forth into your destiny.  Shouting unto God with the voice of triumph, you shall experience victories in every area of your life and ministry and finance,   and be a blessing to many people as God will also prosper you in all things.

Mucho Agape,