“FOCUS” – a word for 2015

Over the years Abba has taken to giving me “a” word for the upcoming year. In the beginning they were paragraphs and now they've come to be a single word and over the time Holy Spirit provides dreams and visions to support the word.

For 2013 the word was “TRUST” and I must say that if I knew everything that was going to happen in 2013 and into 2014 (Abba gave me a two year for one word deal) I might have asked for a new word.

But HE knows what we need before we ask so I've learned over the decades to simply TRUST (there’s that word again).

For 2015 He gave me the word FOCUS

As I meditated on the word the first part of the lesson Holy Spirit gave me was a flash back to the first “Karate Kid” movie.

The scene is just before Danielson’s final opponent - Daniel has been beat to heck, he’s hurting, he can barely stand, and HE IS AFRAID.

Mr. Miyagi, in his typical fashion – sternly looks and speaks

“Focus Danielson, Focus…the battle is not there (pointing to mat)…it is in here (taps Daniel on his head)…focus…”

Daniel had the skill, the training, the knowledge but he had lost his focus on his sensei.

Daniel struggles back to the mat, assumes a crane stance to the wonderment of his opponent and then as the opponent proceeds to attack him he leaps into the air and delivers a snap kick to his opponent’s head and wins the match.

Many of us have been through many matches and battles in prior years – just like Danielson – and we are approaching the point of the final battle in this tournament and we’re tired, hurting, and can barely stand. And fear has found its way back into our mindsets after being absent for many years.

Yet we have a battle that can and must be won – we must FOCUS on our sensei – Jesus our Rabbi and teacher – and we need to stand up and firm no matter what is going on around us and FOCUS on everything He has taught us and like Danielson in the final match – we may be called upon to take a stance that is different than what we have used before, that is different than what our opponents are expecting, but what He has been training us for all along.

So for 2015 – FOCUS on Jesus - knowing that the battle has been won and we are to fear not.

Martin Best
Whirlwind Ministries