What does this Incipient Outpouring That is Impacting the Northwest Look Like?

What does this Incipient Outpouring That is Impacting the Northwest Look Like?

by Bob Brasset

Recently my friend, Don Pirozok, was with a middle- aged mother and grandmother. Both of these precious ladies have been praying, interceding and absolutely pouring themselves out... seeking a move of God for their region and Country.
My friend, Don, wrote, “When you see these women immediately you are drawn to the visible light shining from their faces-particularly the grandmother. The presence of God seems to accompany her wherever she goes. The grandmother recounted how kids from several neighborhood blocks are being supernaturally drawn to her home to be "saved," so far about 18 in all. This young grandmother has been in constant prayer often late into the night being led to intercede for the different houses, city blocks and neighborhoods in her area. She also mentioned people in stores are commenting on the unusual "peace" which they feel around her and are being drawn by the presence of God. At times cars have stopped in front of her home and people walking by her house just stop and stand not knowing why they are being drawn to her home. My friend, Don, says, “I am so impacted by what the Holy Spirit is doing in her life.”

Another adventure began when Laurs came with the team to minister in the streets. As the team spread out into different areas of the downtown, Laurs asked the Lord, “Where do I go?” Jesus said to her, “Go where my people are”. So she was led close to where some homeless people were hanging and close to an empty bottle depot.
She came to a junction, the Lord said, “Turn left“. Then she saw a motionless person laying in the street and a lady standing beside him. The lady started waving at her. She cried, “I need a phone to call an ambulance!” And so they did. To assure that person they told him that an ambulance was on the way. The guy did not like the idea. He started to crawl across the road , then he hit his head on the pavement and received a few scratches. They prayed. Finally the ambulance came. The man left in the ambulance.
Fast forward a few days later. There’s the guy again in the streets. Laurs spotted him. He’s now open to the Gospel. He’s with another guy who is Islamic. He spoke in Urdu. My friend, Robert, who was also there understood the language. Robert and Laurs then went and bought them coffee, donuts and pizza. They were so happy and surprised! The Urdu guy gave his life to Jesus and the then 4 others did too. (He had been at first very opposed to the gospel.)
After this another person arrived on the scene, pointed to the first guy and said “he is demonized and needs exorcism “. Robert said, “That's not a problem. Jesus took lots of demons out of people”. He stretched his hand out and commanded the demon to come out in the name of Jesus. He, who was at first so hostile to gospel, calmed down and accepted Jesus as his Lord, saying, “How come I feel so peaceful. And what just left my body?”


A person's knee was water logged. He couldn’t t move it and it was swollen badly. He could only limp along in a very stiff fashion. When he saw and heard what was going on, he asked for healing. We said to him, “Do you know that you can have Jesus in your heart and all your sins wiped clean and you can renounce all other Gods?” He accepted Jesus as his Lord. We suggested that he ask Jesus himself for healing, Then Laurs and Robert put their hands on him and started to speak in tongues. Holy Spirit said, “Tell him to start moving his knee.” After he moved his knee 20 times he ran across the road, did some sit ups, did a dance - a jig for the group, and then got his medicine and threw it out” He said, “I don't need it anymore.” He is now planning on going back home soon to witness to his family and his home Village. (He has First Nations background.) Three other people were watching this and gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus too!

My friend said, “Then on Sunday i stood on that corner started to pray and presence of the Lord was there, I spoke out loud, “This corner belongs to Jesus , every demon go and may alcohol taste like poison and drugs be revolting)” Another Muslim person was listening he started to cry , he wanted prayer and made Jesus His Lord .


Just this PM my friend, Lance Hollet, and I were in Hillside mall. We came upon an East Indian couple. To make a longer story short. The man has severe arthritis in the knee. He was healed when Lance commanded the arthritis to go but, interestingly, he had to command it 3 times! The East-Indian man gave the healing a very thorough going over and a series of physical test and rejoiced, declaring, “There is no pain, swelling or impairment in any way” Then it was his wife’s turn. She had an incurable damaged muscle in her back; she also had a rib condition that gave her great pain and impeded her sleep greatly. These conditions were ongoing for either 20 years or 10 years, I forget which. Anyway, she too was healed and declared as much after giving her back muscle and rib cage thorough tests and exercises right there in the Mall.
Later, I was passing a dollar store. A lady employee stepped out into the sidewalk and began to reach up to wash a window. Immediately I heard her cry out, "Ow ow, that hurts, that hurts so much! Oh, that is so painful!" I was right beside her so I said, "What's wrong?" She cried out again, "It hurts so much! I have a torn rotator cuff and the Doctor says I must have surgery and I don't want to. It is so painful." I said, "Would it be OK if Jesus heals you right now?" She replied, "Yes definitely the sooner the better. I'm hurting." I said, "Thank you Jesus for this awesome woman. I command the tear in the rotator cuff to be normal and completely healed with no pain, in Jesus name!" Then I said, "Test it out!" You should have seen the expression on her face. It was priceless. As she moved her arm and then began to windmill faster and faster her face expressed surprise, exuberance and joy, like 'I can hardly believe this'. She twirled her arm violently in every direction again and again with a big grin on her face. I was then able to share with a very attentive and receptive woman the very Good News of Jesus!

The next day...yesterday, I deliberately went by the Dollar store to see how she was doing. She said, "I slept the whole night through without pain. It's a little sore today but I think that's because I overworked it in my enthusiasm."

Jesus is indeed wonderful and He continues to heal, save, and set-free people right out there in the marketplace.

Here’s what this incipient move of God, that has begun to touch the Pacific Northwest (Mostly British Columbia and Washington State) currently looks like:

It Is :
1) Outside the 4 Walls
2) Ordinary Christians and Pastors are being used and giving leadership
3) Not Commercialized
4) Quick Obedience
5) A Longing to See Souls Saved
6) Great Grace to Share the Gospel and to “Take it to the streets”
7) An Unusual Amount of Salvations
8) Prayer, Intercession, Crying out For the Lost
9) A Heart of Compassion
10) Signs and Wonders and regular Supernatural Occurrences----(without boasting or promoting the spectacular)

These are ten elements that seem to accompany those who are being led by God here in The Pacific Northwest. This move of God resembles the early Church in that it is out into the neighborhoods, the streets and the marketplace where life is lived every day. God is using ordinary men, women, and children who have surrendered to a "complete dependency on Jesus" and are being led by the Spirit of God. The highest value seems to be "pleasing God," by seeking and reaching the lost. These saints are "not motivated by money," instead are taking great time at personal cost to follow Jesus into what they expect is full-on revival and harvest.

These miracles of harvest are "not exploited" by commercialization. These healings and deliverances seem to be rather numerous and common. The desire not to offend the Holy Spirit by “attempting to own” the glory of miracles has created a childlike simplicity among the laborers. There is no "one man show" or the "man or woman of God" syndrome. Ordinary saints are walking in extraordinary dependence on the Holy Spirit. The gospel is shared in simplicity with what looks like "great grace". Continual prayer is manifesting day and night for this present move of God. The "Agape-love of God" is filling the harvesters so "fear of rejection and fear of man” is giving way to compassion and vision. This compassion brings a deep longing for the most hardened sinners to be healed and saved. Miracles are an everyday event as evidenced by the numbers of "divine appointments" and healings.

Jesus may this report motivate us to see the season is "harvest time" and a very real outpouring of the Holy Spirit is just outside our homes and “right next door.”
Love-----Jesus Style!
Bob Brassetrsbrasset@shaw.ca