Spokane Portal Moved, Resurrection Outpouring To Begin In Seattle

[Editor’s note: this is not a normal word for the region, but this is not a normal season we’re in, either. I see this as either two words, or a tag-team word, from Jeff Jansen ]

Friday May 16th, 2014 I was attending a conference where Jeff Jansen and David Hogan were speaking together. Jeff was speaking about the last time he was at this particular place in Kent, Wa called the Transformation Center. He said the Lord had showed him a portal that was over Spokane, Wa which was the cause of much of the John G Lake ministries miracles and healings that have taken place in that region over the years. Jeff said this was a little over a year ago. Then the Lord moved the portal west and it currently sits over the Seattle area. The Lord said that there is something new coming and will be kindled in the Emerald City (Seattle). Jeff called it a revival of sorts.

This coming thing of God is unlike anything that has ever been done on the earth before. While Jeff Jansen was explaining this vision the Lord gave him. I was pulled up in the spirit in an instance and was overlooking the region. I asked the Lord what will become of the Olympia area that I reside in. Then I saw it.

It was an ignition of something. Very similar to that when you watch cardboard beginning to burn. The black line of converted material creeping across the cardboard until a certain point when it erupts with a great fervor. What I saw was that the interstates would act as carriers. I saw an expansion go north and south along the I-5 corridor. This continued clear down into southern California. The Freeways and roads acted like veins in the body pumping life sustaining substance to the much needed areas. I was hovering high above the Olympia area. I could see wall of fire surrounding Olympia very similar to that which started in Seattle. Upon a closer look I could see this wall of fire was a multitude of chariots of fire. In the midst of downtown Olympia was a large whirlwind. This will be at the disposal of those that believe, chariots of fire.

I could hear Jeff now start to speak of what the Lord is doing now. He said this region will experience a Resurrection Revival. I chuckled as I heard this thinking we’ve never had one of these so not sure it can be called a revival but okay I’ll go with it. With the moving of the portal from Spokane to Seattle and the resurrection movement coming this confirms so much for many people. the Resurrection of the Dead will be the new movement of God. Not that resurrections haven’t taken place before, this time it will be so prevalent that it will remove the grey area where agnostics/ atheists like to reside when they say “I don’t know if there is a God or not”. The Signs, Wonders and Miracles will be so plentiful the agnostic grey area will disappear and force people to choose. They will have to choose the kingdom of Light or the kingdom of Darkness. This will be the beginning of the great harvest and millions will run into the kingdom of God.

So get ready and press in its going to be a wild ride. Don't forget to have fun.