The Potential Power of the Pacific Northwest

Recently, God dropped the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska) into my spirit. I began contemplating the numerous volcanoes that dot the mountain ranges there. Then it clicked. It was as if the Holy Spirit was showing me just a small glimpse into the dynamics of the Church in that region.

Mount Hood is Oregon's Volcano Most Likely to EruptIt would be easy to parallel the power held within a volcano as that meant for destruction, but I believe this is more in correlation with the potential of the power of God in individual churches, communities, and cities.

So when I mention volcanoes, I believe you could replace that word with any appropriate city, church, or even individual.

The Ring of Fire

The Pacific Northwest is part of a geological circle known as the Ring of Fire, where many active volcanoes are located. I believe this name to be prophetic nature for the region. The fire of the Holy Spirit is just awaiting to be loosed, much like Jeremiah prophesied that the Word of the Lord was like fire shut up in his bones (Jeremiah 20:9).

At one time, there was no doubt that these mountains were alive, releasing molten rock and changing the landscape around them. But now, years after their initial “eruptions,” these mountains lie dormant, or asleep, iced over and covered in snow; their mouths are now shut and closed off.

Rumbles of Revival

Even though these volcanoes may look asleep, they are very much alive on the inside. Once the pressure reaches a certain level, the mountain will then explode to action, shaking and quaking everything around it.

There have been major eruptions, or revivals if you will, in these mountains. Consider Mt. St. Helens and most recently Mt. Redoubt (whose name suggests another prophetic message all in itself). Let us not “doubt again” the power of the Holy Spirit and His capabilities in this region.

What Does This Mean?

Churches and individuals in the Pacific Northwest have great potential to move in the power of God in these days. It is time now to pray for visitation, just as God did with Mt. Sinai, whose mountain probably looked very much like a volcano. The clouds of glory and the flames of the Holy Spirit can manifest once again with signs and wonders following those who believe. There is such a hunger for the things of God, and this region is ripe for the harvest!

As everything that can be shaken will be shaken, it is a great opportunity for the Church in the Northwest to manifest in power and display the glory of the Lord in a new and powerful way.

Alan Coulter, Secrets of the Lord