Northwest US Angel Vision

(May 7th 2011)

In a gathering of Prophetic men and women I saw this vision.

There was an incredible tall Angel straddling the Colombia river. This angel was hundreds of feet tall with head bowed down and weeping. The angels tears where flowing into the river and flowing toward the west. Some how I was able to approach the angel and before I could say anything the angel said, “My name is Columbia” The sense was the Angel was weeping due to being alone in the fight for this region and the deep intercession. The response in my heart was one of compassion for the angel’s plight and everything in me wanted to say, “You are not alone, not now. We will join you in the battle”

A scripture came to mind:
Daniel 10:21: “However, I will tell you what is inscribed in the writing of Truth. Yet there is no one who stands firmly with me against these forces except Michael your prince”.

May 14th 2011
During worship here at home this vision came.

I saw again the angel standing over the Columbia River, however as I looked I saw the angel split in two and now there were two angels, one standing in Washington and one in Oregon. They lifted up Silver trumpets with white banners hanging down. They began to blow the trumpets. At this point a rushing stream of angels, thousands and thousands began to flow in one solid stream from heaven and passed between the two angels. They were moving at an amazing speed. As they passed between the two angels they began to fan out to the South, the West and the North. Flowing from the East. Next I noticed they were each holding something in their hands. It was clear that it was one single thing cupped in their hands.

They flew to every home, business, car, park, playground, school and hospital to every single human being in this region and took what was in their hands and placed it into the mouth of each and ever single person. Next one of them flew to me and placed something in my mouth as well.

As I continued stay in the Spirit my attention was drawn again to the two angels blowing trumpets. There continued to be the flow of angels from heaven to earth. Then these two angels split in half and became four angels. Now the last two angels stood back-to-back facing east, with the first two and they began to blow silver trumpets and the angel host began to flow to the east.

What just hit my spirit: “A port has been opened over your land, the heavens have been opened and this is what you are seeing”

Jeremiah 1:12 “You have seen well, for I am watching over My Word to perform it”

From the Open Heaven Forum