Flood from Canada

Prophetic Experience from June 14, 2002

On Friday, June 14, 2002 I was attending a conference on legal issues between the Tribal Courts and Washington State Courts.  I was representing a Washington county at the conference.  During one of the breaks I took a walk to talk to the Holy Ghost.  I had a distinct and overwhelming experience with Him.  He showed me a map of the State of Washington with a flood of something like water flowing out of B.C. Canada through central Washington and on into Oregon.  I could not tell exactly where in British Columbia it originated, and I could not tell where it flowed into Oregon.  Although it was flowing through the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) area of Washington on its way to Oregon .  He made me to know the reason the flood was flowing through central Washington, and not the west side of the Cascade Range (where most of Washington's population lives).  The reason was two fold.  1) The churches (not the believers [Christians]) rejected His moving and were not willing to cooperate with what He has planned.  2) The believers [Christians] (not the churches) in central Washington were open, hungry and willing to follow HIS leading without question or counting the cost.  (note: I live on the west side of the Cascades).

The believers in Central Washington are open, hungry and willing to follow HIS leading.
He then made me to know that He had planned for this flood to flow through the west side, but because of stubbornness He could not move there if He wanted.  He then showed me that the central region of Washington is a natural terrain for water flow from Canada south.  That it is also an ancient pathway of peoples throughout history.  I felt very impressed that He plans to use the Native American Indians in the flood somehow.

Later I looked at a map of the Pacific Northwest.  I was drawn to the highway number 97 as the modern highway that follows the path of this flood I was shown.  I felt that this general route and the communities near it would be used to carry this "flood" that the Holy Ghost showed me.  I looked in my book "Interpreting the Symbols and Types" written by Kevin J. Conner and found the numbers 9 and 7.  nine = Number of finality, fullness, fruitfulness.  Number of the Holy Spirit.  Number of fruit of the womb.  seven = Number of perfection, and completeness.  Number of Book of Revelation.

Kelowna B.C. will  somehow be significant in this flood
I looked into British Columbia, Canada and was impressed that many other communities to the north of the end of Highway 97 would be in this flood.  One city in particular was Kelowna, B.C.  I felt impressed that Kelowna would  somehow be significant in this flood but, it would not be instrumental in this flood in ways that most believers would think.  It is like the Holy Ghost has a plan and a people in Kelowna that will be unexpected and in the past have been rejected by the church.
I felt that this flood was an empowering force of the Lord. What I saw were various ministries that God has developed in the last 10 years or so and set into place. These ministries have seen some success, but mostly the people are laboring for the Lord in faith, believing they were sent by God to do a specific work. Often these folks are misunderstood by traditional Christianity while others were out and out rejected by them.

This empowerment was intentionally withheld by God for some specific reasons The workers were still learning the basics of what God has called them to do. They were still learning humility. They were still learning brokenness. They were still learning total reliance and dependence on HIM.

I felt that these diverse ministries (such as healing, miracles, prophetic, apostolic, etc.) are now in a season of maturity and God is ready to release the POWER that accompanies the gifting.

I feel that the results of these empowered ministries will somehow remain mostly "hidden". I don't think they will end up on the popular Christian TV talk shows. (Because this goes against what they just learned in the previous season - humility).

I see these ministries walking in a love for the lost and hurting like we have seldom seen.
If you have any revelation on this prophetic experience, please write to me.

David Bodine
Next Reformation Network