Coming to the Rescue

By David Peterson

For even now I am coming forth in judgment, judgment against the enemy of your soul. Many think I’m coming to get them (the person) and beat them. I am not. My body not understand judgment. I’m going forth in judgment against the enemy that is living and active in My Body. My servants have flirted with sin thinking they could handle the situations they were in. They were snared. They’re hung upside down with their hands and feet tied up in knots. They’re scared because they know they are guilty. The enemy is ready for the slaughter of some of My servants. He’s even sharpened his knives right before their eyes as they hopelessly hang from the trees.

But now, even now I am aroused in My anger to go forth and judge My servant’s enemies. I’m roaring from the heavenlies to let My people go. My judgment is stirred up to strike My enemy, not My servants. But My servants that are bound are too blinded by guilt to realize it is I that is coming by to show forth My mercy in the midst of My judgment. In mercy I am cutting the ropes to the ankles and wrists of My servants. I will have My possessions.

The cry for help in My servants has roused Me from My resting place. I am coming as a warrior to seek and to save. I’m coming to rescue those that are shot down behind enemy lines. I am coming! I am coming! Hold on, I am coming to your rescue. (The heart and passion of the whole word)

My sword is lifted. I am coming to rescue My servants. Their eyes see the deserving sword of judgment coming upon them, but they don’t realize the sword is meant for the enemy which holds them captive. I’m going forth with Mercy and judgment at this time. Judgment on the neck of the enemies of My servants and Mercy of cleansing extended to My servants. My servants think all is lost, but My sword of mercy will cut thru the cords which bind their hands and feet as they drop to the ground in repentance. I will gather them up and fly them off upon My wings out of the enemies camp.

I’m sending out “lightning strike forces” throughout this season to gather up My army for the next generation. I am God and I am faithful to all generations.

Another judgment of Mine is coming after I cleanse and heal those that I rescued at this time. The judgment will come upon those who say, “God can’t use those people. Look what they’ve done!” They are blinded by their own hypocrisy. I am God and I am well able to perform My own Word. This is My work by My Spirit in this time. To show forth My purposes by the Right Arm of My Ability. Who will dare say to Me, “You can’t do that!” I will even do that which man thinks I can not do. 

I will be glorified as My judgment goes forth. The land will rejoice, for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is God and God alone.

10/6/03 Yom Kippur, By David Peterson