The Coming Tidal Wave

A tidal wave of God’s kingdom is about to crash on the shore of planet Earth as God is about to release a manifestation of Himself. A fresh, never seen before manifestation of God is going to break all barriers of men’s religious teachings and structure. 

God is about to do outside the system of men’s structure and doctrine what these could never contain. This wave is going to destroy many works of the flesh that have masqueraded as God’s work. This Kingdom release is a healing and destroying wave that is intended to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free, while at the same time passing judgment on dead works; showing they are not of God. 

The release of this wave is a result of those who have learned to walk in UNION with the heart and purposes of God. Not just obeying Him, but coming into agreement with God and His judgments and heart. COMPLETE Unity with God is our destination in the kingdom. In this new day of the kingdom advancement we will see more and more the union of God with His sons as He purges the earth of its rebellion and pride. As a groom consummates his love for his bride, so the Lord is consummating a oneness with His sons, who have begun to express the very likeness and essence of God’s nature and authority on the earth. 

Communion, community, common unity: these terms describe what those who are being led by the Spirit have in common; unity in the Spirit. The Bride of Christ/the New Jerusalem is in complete agreement and unity concerning the passion and purpose of God’s heart toward creation. This communion (common union) is not based upon a church affiliation or leader, or even location. It is based upon: “…the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

The Glory of God is being released in those who have the common unity of being led by the Holy Spirit. When those who walk with God in union enter fellowship, worship, and mutually encourage on another, you will see an even Greater Glory. This is an outpouring THROUGH those who have “Gathered outside the camp unto Him”. Each one has first individually learned to walk in union with God, and then in communion with their brother.

This unity is NOT found in a church congregations gathered in unity around a “common” doctrine, church structure, or a gifted leader. This is NOT what God is doing in this hour, and it does not have fullness of release. Where there is mixture there is hindrance to the will of God.

THE WAVE IS THE RESULT OF GOD COMNG TO HIS TEMPLE TO DWELL…and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. 

He is fitting together a temple made of living stones that is at this present time scattered and coming out of wilderness trials and purification. But they are coming together in this time of earth’s upheaval and turbulence as a wave of refreshing to the earth. God is dwelling in His glory in these, and their common union is that they are partakers of His Spirit and nature. They have learned to be at rest with God IN them and they IN Him. They have learned submission and accountability to God, and have come to maturity that is seen in obedience out of love. 

There is coming a power and glory pouring forth from those walking in the “common unity” of the Spirit as a result of the One Covenant of The Blood of Jesus. Truly this is the Wedding Covenant of Union with Christ. If you are led by the Spirit, you are His son, and are already in a COMPLETED covenant of unity with everyone else on heaven and earth who is one with God. Mindsets are about to change drastically. 

In the One Covenant of “Common union” with God and each other, power will be released so mightily that many people will move beyond their old alliances and allegiances to their own church “communities”, leaders, and organizations. The communion of the saints will be seen in the broader sense in its reality; as what God has deemed in “union” with Him is blessed, and that which is not in union with Him will not endure. You will know those in union with Him by His Heart, His presence, and His power expressed in those He chooses to glorify; for we are the Glory He now chooses to clothe Himself in. He is the Glory we are clothed in.

In Him
Kriston Couchey