Prepared for Battle

22. JULY 2010
Kriston Couchey

I am convinced that the volcanic releases from Iceland and South America that grounded flights on both continents were signs in the natural pointing to spiritual realities. The oil gusher disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is also a natural sign of spiritual happenings. There is a release of demonic inspired defilement into the earth that is meant to poison and cloud the vision and function of God's people. The enemy is attempting to shipwreck the faith and destroy the confidence of God's children. The sound and smell of war is carried on the winds in the realm of the spirit; these signal the final battle of the ages, the full unleashing of worldly and demonic power on the earth. These forces are using every power at their disposal to contend for the destiny of men. Their centers of power are embedded in the political, religious, economic, and military arenas of mens systems.

This is not so much a call to war as it is a clarification to those who are ALREADY finding their places in the army of God. We must understand what is happening. The mobilization of the enemy to thwart the purposes of God is a preemptive reaction to the inevitable manifestation of the greatest army ever seen upon the earth; the sons of God being revealed. The army of God has been summoned and the enemy knows it. Mobilization is the act of marshaling or making ready for action. This truly is the state of kingdom affairs this hour as Father is mobilizing and bringing together sons (both male and female) who are prepared to go forth in strength and purpose. There is a people made ready for this hour that are emerging from the wilderness of trials and testing. They are trained for battle and are going to take the land of promise in obedience and faith. These who know who they are and what Father is birthing within them are prepared for battle and will stand their ground firmly in the place they are called to. The very earth is quaking at the presence of this army set in battle array in their own proper places and ranks.

Being seated in our assigned place is essential for the army of God going forward in this hour. Joel says it like this: They run like warriors. They climb walls like soldiers. They march straight ahead. They do not leave their places. They do not crowd one another. They keep in their own lines. Even when they break through the defenses, they do not break their ranks. They rush into the city. They run along the wall. They climb into houses. They enter through windows like thieves. The earth quakes in their presence, and the sky shakes. The sun and the moon turn dark, and the stars no longer shine.

A sister in the Lord shared with me last week a dream she had about getting into our "assigned seats." In the dream, people were boarding a plane and there began to be confusion among the passengers. Suddenly, over the intercom the captain announced to the people, "Please get in your assigned seats." This was done in an orderly fashion, people who had taken the wrong seats in front or back began to move about the plane going to their specific seat assignment and exchanged seats with those who had been in their seat. When all of the passengers were seated in their assigned place confusion ended and the engines could then fire up.

Those called to war have already heard the Lord and are already being positioned in their places. They know who they are IN Him and Who He is IN them, they are being given all things necessary to function in the places Father is seating them. There is a peace that is beginning to settle on the camp of the Lord, and the calm before the storm is bringing it's silence before the trumpet sounds and the battle is engaged on a full scale.

The LORD shouts out orders to his army. His forces are very large. The troops that carry out his commands are mighty. The day of the LORD is extremely terrifying. Who can endure it? ~Joel~ The kingdom is not ordered after a hierarchal chain of command like the world. The Army of the Lord is going forth under the direct commands of the king. It is through the leadership of the Holy Spirit to each individual that the plans of the enemy are thwarted and his defenses breached. Father has given each of His sons a function for the purpose that is theirs to fulfill. Each answers to the Lord regarding the administration of their function. Yet this is all done in relationship to each other, receiving and submitting to the function and purposes of God in each others life.

The call of the Lord in this hour is to TAKE YOUR ASSIGNED PLACE and prepare to engage the enemy in battle at His command. We are not all called to the same place and function, and we must have faith that Father has others in place to meet the needs that arise in the midst of battle. Some are medics, some are foot-soldiers, some are captains and some are generals, but they all answer to and take their place by the direction of the commander Jesus Christ. It is important to be about your Father's business and not be distracted by doing what you think needs to be done outside of our assignment, rather then doing what you are told to do. In our places we overcome through faith; outside of our places we falter and have doubt.

In the face of increasing darkness there is a light shining. Faith and courage from the very heart of our Commander flows through the hearts of His children in their assigned places and function. Fear is gripping the nations, the hearts of men will fail, but there is a battle cry rising up in God's people. Deliverance is on the way, the army of God is going forth with the presence power of the king. Everything is about to change.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey