Destruction from the Wave

I was walking along the beach on the Florida panhandle during a heavy rain, watching the patterns the rain made in the soft sand and praying. After about an hour of walking and splashing, my attention was drawn to the ocean itself.

As I turned to look, I saw a vision superimposed over the choppy Florida waters: a great wave rose up out of the sea. As I watched, it rose higher and higher until it towered eighty or a hundred feet over the sea, and it rushed toward land. Just as the wave was about to break, the vision froze, and the wave was suspended.

I watched the frozen wave for several seconds, and I was able to see it from several angles; the one that stuck was watching the wave from overhead. After a moment, a voice spoke: “Shall it continue, or shall it stop?” I answered, “Hunh? What?”

The voice spoke again, “This is me. Shall it continue, or shall it stop?” I held my tongue and thought about it: that was a pretty terrifying-looking wave, but it was clearly a vision: I was seeing this with my spirit, not my eyes.

The voice spoke a third time: “Shall it continue, or shall it stop?” I had the presence of mind to ask, “Uh, is that from you, Lord?” and he answered, “It is.”

“OK. I trust you, Lord. Let it continue,” and the vision un-froze, and the wave continued its rush toward land. I expected that it would stop or do something symbolic before it struck land, but it didn’t. It struck the shore, and because if its immense size, it continued its rush unabated. It was miles inland before the wave was spent and began to draw back out to the ocean.

As the water washed back out to sea, it took a great deal of the soil with it (this was in Florida: the soil was mostly sand). The buildings were undamaged, the trees were unharmed, but the soil was washed away until every building, every house, was standing on a thin pillar of sand that looked rather like an apple core underneath it. The roads were still unharmed, but all the sand had washed out below their asphalt surfaces, so they hovered between the homes.

As I watched, the water finished drawing back into the sea, and some of the houses began to shudder, then wobble, and then they fell from their precariously balanced apple-core of sand, and were destroyed. House after house fell to destruction, but many homes were unshaken. I watched carefully to see what was different about the houses that fell from the houses that remained unshaken, and soon I saw that the unshaken homes had driveways that were connected to the road, and via the road, were connected to all the other stable houses. The homes that fell had no driveways and were not connected.

I spotted some houses without driveways that were still standing and wondered if my observation was incorrect, but as I watched, those houses, one at a time, quivered, wobbled, and fell to their destruction. They could balance carefully for a while, but the slightest wind, the slightest shift of the people inside destroyed the balance and they fell and were crushed.

As I thought about the vision and what it meant, I felt the Lord whisper to me: “A wave of my presence is coming, and I have given my people the right to stop it if they wish. But when my wave comes, it will not come gently, it will not leave the world unchanged. Those people – and those congregations – that have isolated themselves will not be able to stand in this wave of my Spirit. Only those who have remained connected to other believers, other houses, will stand, and they will not be shaken. They will be delivered by those relationships.”

Northwest Prophetic, ±July 1998, Tumwater, WA.