Warriors of Truth are Being Sent to Penetrate the Lies of Darkness

Introduction: This word is not specific to the Pacific Northwest, but many northwest prophets are seeing and experiencing similar things. Victoria declares it extremely well.

In prayer I was shown a vision. In it I saw misguided people who were the enemies of Truth rallying together to deceive the saints; they were being guided by demonic forces who used them like toys. Great effort was being made by the realms of darkness to bring confusion and stir up strife among the brethren, to break up friendships that gave strength and encouragement to the saints. I saw the enemies of Truth entering the lives of those who have been wounded by rejection and held in bondage by fear. They spoke demonically-induced lies with great power to deceive them in their weakened condition.

Victoria Boyson

Ironically, the lies of darkness actually seemed like "real truth" to them and the enemies of Truth seemed like great saints. They appeared as though they were God's answer for the loneliness and pain they were feeling, so they opened their hearts to them. Because they came into agreement with the lies and their love grew painfully cold, they began to attack their brothers and sisters in Christ with accusation and judgment. Consequently, their attacks unleashed powers of destruction on the Church.

Just when it seemed the saints would falter under the heavy assault, I saw the great warriors of Heaven rally their armies in preparation to invade earth and dispel the enemies of Truth. They only waited for the command to do so from the saints—for their cry for help. Under the weight of accusation, the saints began to weep. Their tears unleashed the army of Heaven to attack the realms of darkness.

The Judgments of the Lord

It was then I saw a heavenly warrior filled with great power, radiating a glorious light, entering the home of my enemy. This man had been used by the realms of darkness to rain down curses on my head; he was very jealous and filled with hatred toward me. However, even though I knew his dislike for me was great, I feared for him because the power of the heavenly warrior was great. I saw the warrior stand before him and draw its sword, which was enormous and gave off a great light.

I wondered at the sight of what was about to occur and thought, "Can it be God's will to destroy my enemy?"

I heard the warrior speak an answer to the question of my heart and say, "I have been given authority to execute the judgments of the Lord."

Then the warrior, standing over my enemy, raised the sword and thrust it into his heart. It was difficult for me to watch, because I truly loved my enemy and had prayed for him for a long time. I did not want to see him destroyed. Indeed, I had wept and prayed that he would completely surrender his life to the Lord and not allow the enemy to use him any longer.

The warrior knew the thoughts of my heart and spoke again to me saying,"This sword is the sword of Truth, and will dispel the lies of darkness that have taken over his heart."

Then I looked at the sword and saw that, in its radiance, it seemed to be alive and was pulsating. As its large blade rested in my enemy's heart, the Light it held began to fill his body; like melting gold, the Light seeped into his chest. At first, he lay motionless as if the sword had no affect on him, but then I saw his face cringe as if in pain and I sensed brokenness enter his heart. Sorrow was invading his soul as the truth of his actions was shown to him. The spirit of repentance was dispelling the demonic lies, and darkness was fleeing from him as tears ran down his face.

I looked again to watch the heavenly warrior who had come to execute the judgments of the Lord on my enemy. He watched with determined anticipation as the sword did its work on the man. Turning to me, the warrior told me, "Your love for this man made this possible for him. I came to him only because you chose to love him in spite of his attacks against you and your family. You chose to love him, and because your Father loves you, He was compelled to touch the man for your sake."

I was shocked! I wept at the words the warrior spoke because I knew that it was only because of my love for Christ that I loved my enemy.

Treasure the Lord Longs to Uncover

In myself, I wanted to hate him. Indeed, I wanted him to suffer as he had made me suffer. My first thoughts at the onslaught of his attacks against me were to call upon God to execute vengeance against the man. But I saw that the longer I clung to thoughts of judgment toward him, the more distant Christ became to me.

It was only because of my desperate need and love for Christ that I forced myself to pray for him. I asked God to give me love for him, because I simply had none of my own. I had no desire to forgive, but I asked God to give me that as well. And when He had changed my heart, I could honestly say, "I love him," and mean it.

It scared me to remember how easy it would have been for me to condemn the man and how close I came to doing it. It was truly only because Christ loved me that I felt the need to love this man.

Could that one small decision to love and forgive him have brought about his redemption and activated the armies of Heaven to fight for him? I was astonished to think that his deliverance at this moment came only because of that one small choice I made to stand with Christ.

Now, I stand in awe as I see the transformation of someone I thought was unredeemable. I had, in the past, desperately pleaded with God to remove him from my life, so he would no longer have the power to hurt me. I couldn't understand why He wouldn't do it. It was, however, because He wanted to use me to change this man's life, and in the process of helping him, my own heart was transformed as well.

Yes, his redemption has truly changed us both. My earthly enemy was not my enemy after all; he was the treasure that the Lord had longed to uncover, if only I were willing to help him.

Liberating the Lost

Now I see the warriors of Truth have invaded other lives across the earth as the hearts of the saints have cried out for the souls of men. They are liberating the lost from the darkness that bound them as the saints of Christ cling to the Cross of love and hold it high above them in a defiant reply to the attacks of the accuser of the brethren.

The treasured friendships among the saints that seemed hopelessly broken are being miraculously restored, and they have received a greater level of appreciation for one another. The cold love that had tried to force them to fear one another has been flung aside and radical, self-less love has become their war cry!

Darkness had them bound, but the TRUTH Himself has set them free, and whom the SON sets free is free indeed!

Victoria Boyson, Speaking Life Ministries
Via the Elijah List