Tribulation: Examination and Healing for Leaders

Tribulation: tribulation (ˌtrɪbjʊˈleɪʃən)
1. a cause of distress
2. a state of suffering or distress.
Root: to afflict or to press or squeeze.

This word is for every christian who is in a position of leadership or ministry, either known or hidden where no one else sees.

We are in a time of being pressed, or squeezed, it is a time of being subjected to the pressures of the presence of the new wine. God is allowing testing of the wine skins to see if they will burst. He is attending to the weak areas, the places where we have been wet down by wisdom, and truth, but have not become pliable. In some places he is replacing with whole new skins, in others, He is re-wetting the old skins making them pliable again. He is using the truths that he has established in our lives, and re-affirming them.

He is preparing us for an outpouring of His new wine. He is examining our weaknesses and healing them with truth and with love if we will allow Him too. He is urgently pressing in at this task so that we will be pliable for what is about to burst forth.

from Alena Miles.