The Commander of the Lord's Army

The Commander of the Lord's army came to inspect the troops. He looked at many things, then left. A staff meeting was held where we discussed the main deficiency: our conversations. We were giving the enemy a big advantage in the careless things we say. An order went out to the troops to reign in thoughtless or critical conversation.

It was as if our words were giving the enemy information they didn't have, which was then used against us. Almost as if the enemy didn't know our weaknesses, until someone among our ranks revealed it.

Just as when Joshua was about to lead the Israelite army into battle, the Commander paid a visit and gave instructions before the battle could begin. We had a similar visit.

From this visit I would assume:

1) We are not in the battle yet.
2) The Lord's eyes are on us and He is aware of what we're doing and saying.
3) We have need of come correction before the battle begins.
4) The battle is real and it's approaching soon.
5) The Lord would not be personally involved in a battle that would end in defeat.
6) We can be assured that victory will be the result, if we follow the orders of the Commander.

Praying Medic