The Great Turning - Get Ready for an Explosion of Glory in 2009 in Miracles of Restoration

You would have thought seven years of war was enough. I know I did. But the glory of God is increasing with greater frequency and bigger waves. So it stands to reason that, according to Isaiah 60, as the light of His glory is arising, so is the darkness. But this is becoming the Church's finest hour in spite of outward circumstances and conditions. We are entering into the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven more and more.

I was surprised by what the Lord impressed upon my heart for 2009. When we came to the annual ElijahList conference, "What is God Saying for 2009?" I actually had little initially that God had spoken to me for the year. But it was an amazing weekend filled with revelation and hope. Jesus has been working on me for some time to change my paradigm.

I have believed, like many others, that there is a reformation coming to the Body of Christ that will propel us into Christlikeness and a release of the fullness of His redemptive power, but I never thought it would be so fundamental and so deep. Here is what I believe is happening to us and how we should cooperate to see it hastened.

"The Key to Revival is the Restoration of Family"

I heard the Lord say, "The key to revival is the restoration of family." I will never forget coming down a hill into a poor neighborhood outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were families, individuals all over the streets making drug deals, drunks, kids, and general mayhem, but the compassion of the Lord fell on me when I heard Him speak those words to me.

That word has exploded inside of me to mean the fullness of restoration of humanity on every level. When introduced with our team from the School of the Supernatural that Wesley and Stacey Campbell put on with Kelry Green, the only thing I could think of to say was, "God wants to restore your families."

The people cheered, and soon all Heaven came down. We saw healing fall on a woman with HIV, blindness and devils come out as the love of God moved in the people we came to minister to. America needs this kind of revival just as much. We need a national awakening of the love and power of God to hit our families, communities and nation on every level.

It Must Start With the Church

Useless religious fervor, tradition and thinking must fall by the wayside and be replaced with radical love and grace that flows from the foot of the Cross of Christ. Until we realize that we are in need of redemption and begin to build cultures of grace and love in our Christian families and churches, we cannot hope to bring freedom to the masses needing to get a revelation of Jesus' redemptive power.

It's time for a new wineskin. I don't mean just new structures and networks but a covering that can contain a new level of love and grace that will embrace the broken of the broken—in and out of the Church.

God's Covenant Will Meet More than Just Our Needs

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a covenant-making God. God made a covenant with Abraham to bless him so much that all the nations of the earth would be blessed through his seed. Jesus made a covenant with all who put their trust in Him and follow Him into a new life in the Spirit that surpasses anything humanity has ever been offered. He will never leave or forsake us.

The love and grace that saved us can bless us so much that we have more than enough to bless others in the same way. No matter what happens in this present world or in our personal lives, we are blessed and made to be a blessing.

This year is a time to discover how to move into covenant blessing and see miracles of redemption more than ever before. Let it start with our nuclear families and spill over into our communities of faith and into the world. Need is temporary, but God's blessings are eternal. Don't settle for getting your needs met, reach for His covenant blessings.

God Wants to Birth a New Culture and Mindset in the Church This Year

In December of 2008, I saw in a vision a baby in breach position in the womb. God wants to birth a new culture and mindset in the Church this year that will release His love and compassion at a new level. Therefore it is a time to seek His face and let Him turn our hearts so He can bring to birth an awakening of His love and redemptive power in the world.

During the ElijahList conference "What is God Saying for 2009?" I saw this vision again, but the baby turned in the right position. I take this to mean that God is giving great grace to turn things the right direction in the Church so we can display His love, His power, and His glory to the nation.

Our wineskin must be more flexible, forgiving, loving, and accepting if we are to be as Jesus is in this present world. Dead religion still looks for a legal remedy for life's problems. But the Kingdom of the Son of His love looks for a redemptive solution. A great turning is coming to us. Let's pray—even travail—till it's birthed.

Unity Will Come from the Joining of Generations

I believe the unity we have been longing for in the Body of Christ will come from the joining of generations. The younger generation is not that impressed or concerned with doctrinal distinctions. In fact, they are looking for fathers and mothers—not just denominational structures—to bring stability and security to their lives.

This is exactly where we need to be - to begin to focus on being sons and daughters of God instead of ministers with a title. It's not wrong to identify that one is an apostle, prophet, etc, but what we really need is community and a loving family of people who understand and live in covenant love.

The Holy Spirit is turning hearts and restoring the main and plain to take us to a level of the manifestation of the Kingdom far beyond what we have ever seen just through faith in our faith. We are about to encounter the Father. And when we do, like sons of God and sons of man, we will see the glory of God manifest in signs and wonders more than what we have ever fasted and prayed for.

The love Jesus spoke about in John 17 will release a glory that makes the impossible possible and will draw people to Jesus who would never have considered Him before. We will suddenly begin to love each other in the Body of Christ and wonder how it could be after all of our vain efforts to tolerate each other.

Get ready for an explosion of glory in 2009 in miracles of restoration.

Feb 23, 2009, Denny Cline, Albany Oregon USA
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Albany

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