Everything You Know Is About To Change

These are the Prophecies given to Messianic Rabbi Robert W. Benbow of Congregation T’Shuvat Yisrael in the Congregation at Tacoma Washington in the years of 2008 and 2009. I believe that there is more to come from the Lord about this matter.

Prophecy - February, 2008

This is the prophecy that was given to our congregation over four weeks in February.

“I want to give you my Fire”

“Just Believe”

“Have Faith”

“Stand Firm”

“Because Everything you know is about to Change”

Prophecy - February 7, 2009

Remember last year the Lord said that "Everything that you know is about to change," and you've probably been wondering in light of the change: "What is God going to do?"

Well, He's going to tell you.

First of all, He created this nation, not man. He made it a refuge for believers from the world of the Beast. He also put His Name on this nation, not man. And He will defend that Name. The nation, like the children of Israel, it desired to have a king over them. They know not what they ask for, or what it will bring them. But I let him rise up, so that I may abase him, that I may show this nation that this is My nation.

All that they do, I will give them a spirit of confusion. They shall run and not accomplish. It is to show that no one is Messiah but ME, and when men begin to proclaim men "messiahs;" My anger is forthcoming.

This nation, I have made it a place that it may do great things. It has done great things. It has fed the world. It defends peace. It is a place where the Word of God can be proclaimed without impedance.

But this next year, I shall show the people of this nation who these people really are. I have allowed this group of ungodly men to take power so that I can take power from them. To show these people who they really are; these ungodly, unrighteous, wicked, perverse, would-be men who would lead people astray. Like Nimrod, who wanted to build a tower to overthrow Me, they want to overthrow what I have established. And they will not!

This next year, I will glorify Myself. I will show Myself in this nation to this people, and I will humble them.

Be not afraid, and watch. I Am the God that takes care of My children. The waters may be troubled and rough, but I will establish that which I have birthed. It shall not be a fallen nation, but it will be a nation that will go into the Kingdom.

"I AM coming against them", saith the LORD. I will make them run, and they shall run and flee. The Body of Messiah will begin to rise up with power and demonstration. It is not the many, but it is the few who will do a great and a mighty work. Watch and see how I shall show Myself, for this nation I have proclaimed, "In God they will trust." And in God they will trust, for I shall take down their idols, their high places. And the Word shall go forth and shall deliver this nation, but it will be through the power of My Ruach, and the people that I love.

This nation was established for the children, not for brute beasts. "I shall take them down," saith the LORD. “I shall show Myself in a great way.” Great trouble is coming upon the face of the earth.

Do not forget this, for there is only One Kingdom of God, and one people of that Kingdom and

I AM the God that gives refuge to My people.

I AMthe God who empowers them.

I Am the God that will show great and mighty things unto an ungodly people that I wish to deliver.

They have bought into a lie, and now they shall see the lie they bought into.

They have bought into falsehood, into pride and arrogance and greed. And now it

shall flee from them because they will not get what they desire. They will only get the power of God in the midst of them.

I will pour out My Spirit upon this nation, not only in love and mercy, but in judgment, for they have sinned greatly before Me.

My eyes are upon the children who cry out from the Molech worship.

My eyes are upon the children that call unto Me, that seek My face.

I have not forgotten you,

I AM with you.

Do not turn away.

Do not let the troubles of the time bother you, because they tell you that I Am coming soon.

That's what He gave me, this year. And we already know that in the first 15 days of their self-proclaimed "messiah," he is in confusion. And no matter what he does, it will not work. For there is only one thing that works, and that is Almighty God! And they will either run from His face, or they will fall on their face. God will have His way. Amen

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March 2009, Robert Benbow, Tacoma, WA

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