The Spirit is About to Move in Olympia

Here’s an account of something that the Spirit led myself and a brother I was close to about 10 years ago. We (Kermit and I) were simply headed down to the Y.M.C.A. to get in a workout and some time in the steam room where we shared, and prayed...we jokingly called “The almost holy place” as naked men and a steam room seemed a little odd yet the Spirit came, at times in a powerful way. We got down to the Y and were informed they were closed to the public as it was their end of the summer cleaning and remodeling week, so we walked out wondering what to do.

As soon as we got outside I felt the Presence of the Spirit and said to Kermit. “I think the Lord wants us to go somewhere and pray.” We got in my van and I felt led (and told Kermit) that we should go out to Priest Point Park. a park on Puget Sound here in Olympia that had originally been settled (the land) and developed by a group of Catholic Priests (The site was claimed as St. Joseph’s of New Market and was led by Father Pascal Ricard. Father Ricard and three other priests cleared the land, planted a large garden, built a chapel and operated a school for Indian boys.) We got to the park and I felt led to drive to an observation point that had a majestic view overlooking Budd Inlet. This point, however, had originally been fortified with about 6 or 7 8-10 foot long cannons that guarded the harbor against potential invasion (British...Russians) during Washington’s territorial times.

We went out on the point (It was nighttime you could see the whole downtown) and prayed for leading and the Spirit impressed me to pray against specific things as revealed and I did. Kermit however prayed quite differently weeping and beseeching God for the people in Olympia..(He had come down to the Y early and was led by the Spirit to walk the streets of Olympia and pray before I arrived). And then we were done

Next week we headed back down to the Y for our regular workout and steam, thinking what had happened was VERY powerful but was over, when we were again informed that the Y was closed due to a board member meeting, open to the public but the facilities were closed. As we left the second time (beginning to sense God doing something) both Kermit and I were aware of the Spirit and we got in my van again and prayerfully began driving. We drove up to the State Capitol Building(s) and felt led to get out of the van and walk while we prayed. We walked down the capitol rotunda, down the grounds and circled back up through the city on Capital Way, praying as we walked and returned to the van. Back inside we could see down over the city of Olympia and Kermit pointed to the Port of Olympia docks (which we could see from our high vantage point) where city government and shipping is located. “I think we’re supposed to go there to pray” he said, so we drove down there. After we arrived at the very end of the port docks we again prayed for leading and prayed as the Spirit impressed us, and then once again, we knew we were done.

Believe it or not the next week we headed back down to once again, simply resume our workout rendezvous and had failed to notice the sign that said “End of summer all staff meeting Y closed” and to seemingly further complicate things this time we had my youngest daughter Jennifer with us as she was going to swim while we worked out. A young man came forward (from the staff gathered behind the front counter) and said “I’m the lifeguard, I’ll watch her while she swims as I’m going back to college next week and don’t have to attend this which I said O.K. and she went with him.

THIS time we were quite aware of the Spirit and we got in Kermit’s car this time as he said he believed he knew where we were to go. We drove on and he drove up Mottman Hill to the Thurston County courthouse grounds. We got out of the car and I followed him to another point that overlooked Olympia from another side of the city and we sat on a bench looking out (beautiful view) over the harbor and Capitol Lake.

“Look at there.” Kermit said as he pointed to Priest Point Park, where we prayed the 1st time. “That’s where we prayed the 1st time. The park observation point was the seat of territorial authority” Look over there, as he pointed to the Capitol grounds, (2nd place we prayed) “that is the seat of State authority. “Look down there, as he pointed to the Port docks (3rd place we prayed) that is the seat of City authority. “And” he said “we are on the Thurston County courthouse grounds, the seat of County authority. As he said those words the Spirit descended on us powerfully and we both prayed out, as led, and then once again, it was over and we drove back to the Y to pick up Jennifer.

I have had few experiences as led and powerful as this I just described but I truly believe Kermit and I were led to “attack” principalities and while the move of the Spirit hasn’t (seemingly) happened yet... I remember Paul ministered in Ephesus for over 2 years before the Spirit moved in a powerful way and this area is very occultishly entrenched. Anyway just wanted to share that with you.

Be Blessed

Michael O'Hara

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