Kim Clement prophesies to Seattle. A season is ending.

From Seattle, WA August 25, 2008

Hear the Word of the Lord tonight. Even as I have worked things out and made arrangements in the strange manner that men behave…

Do you think it uncivilized and uncouth to clap your hands and shout? When in fact, there were the methods that I chose to bring great kings and warriors down. Your praise tonight is coming before the Lord. For the soil of the northwest has been crying out to bring forth and I have looked for My new creation surrounded by a great cloud of witness to be begin to do even in greater manner. There is a realm of beginning that is coming from covenant, there is a realm of dominion that is coming when My men stand together and government is cut.

Do you think I will turn away from that which is everlasting to everlasting? My everlasting covenant way before time began is now in this season and time being chosen and raised up. Oh northwest do you know what is happening? The spiritual wickedness has stood the test of time and broken one man down and then another man down. Now listen to a sound that is coming, for I am building a house that shall being in the most unusual and unique acts of God. Moses knew My ways, the children of Israel knew My acts. I’ve looked for a people who would know My ways. I will teach you from this place My ways and I will multiply from this place. My ways will be known by men and they shall say come to a house that understands the everlasting covenant. Dominion shall emerge and arise from this place where businessmen who would never have darkened the door of a church will walk in and say we sense liberty where we can come. I will take their finance and I will take their influence and I will cause them to bow their knee to the greatness of My Christ. Therefore begin to shout and celebrate for this is what I’m going to do.

Yes, it’s okay for the Spirit of God has made ways in the wilderness so many times. Have I not spoken of cures that would come from this region? Haven’t I told you that there would be cures that would come from this very region? Yet men have laid down their swords in shame and said we cannot be as uncivilized as what’s expected. God says this is a day to lose something. Lose your pride, lose your religion, lose the methods and lose the systems that have not worked for I am now going to give you a new set of rules says the Spirit of God.

Liberty shall come for I will cause this house to explode. They will say where do we go now? Men will come and they will lay at your bosom and they will say we wish to give you of this building and of that building. There is one situated in Seattle which I will give and grant unto you Covenant Churches together. I will cause them to be a place where words shall go out through the internet and words shall go out throughout the earth. This is no small thing. When I take a place as popular as this and raise up a dead people who have no idea of the technology that is about to come to the earth. You are the people I have chosen, I must gather them together and bring them under one roof to make one sound says the Lord.

I can hear you, I can hear you Spirit of God. These are words that are necessary and vital. What of the others, the gatekeepers of this city? I have not stood down from them. I have called them to come for there shall be a gathering of gatekeepers, true gatekeepers that shall understand what apostolic really means. For this new set of rules that I give you shall defy the very systems that have brought death into the hearts of men and women. Families shall once again stand in honor for the dishonor that has come because of My men who are bored and careless because they have no prophetic revelation.

I am releasing a brand new prophetic revelation that shall flow, a spirit of prophetic revelation. For the Spirit of God says was it not true that Joseph was sold as a slave, the prophetic revelation was given to Egypt, therefore Egypt was the one that was abundant. Yet Jacob said to his sons, why do you sit staring at one another, why do you look and one another and feed off each other, for there is wheat, there is corn in Egypt therefore you are to go where the corn is and to buy it so we will not starve. God says that day is no longer where the corn is in Egypt. I will give you what is in Egypt for this day the prophetic revelation that is missing from the church is going to be granted back to you as a people so that you can bring the abundance into this nation once again says the Lord.

The tumultuous season is coming to an end. A season is ending. A season of intense attack. A season of intense attack, dishonor, disrobing from your adversary is now coming to an end says the Spirit of God. There is a time and a season for every purpose under the sun. A time to live and a time to die, a time for war and a time for peace. The Spirit of God says do not fear for your elections. My church shall be more valid and more energetic and more prosperous than it has ever been for you have survived a tumultuous season and because you have survived it; you have stood the test of time, now take what is yours. For the promise that has been in existence shall now come to pass in this season.

I heard Him speak about Thanksgiving. He said you are going to be thanking in Thanksgiving in a way that you have not done in many, many decades. For there is a divine vindication coming to the United States of America that will shock the Senate, will shock Republican and Democrat alike. There will be an unusual unity that shall come. Let me whisper this in your ear, prepare yourself for one of the most enjoyable, victorious Thanksgivings that you have ever experienced in the month of November says the Lord.

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