Randy Clark on the Azusa Street 100 Year Prophecy for 2009

Recently, I posted a quick note about a word that is becoming known as the "100 Year Prophecy." The heart of the content is that the leaders of the Azusa Street Revival prophesied in 1909 that a hundred years later (that would be our time, friends), there would be another revival, one that would be as powerful as the Azusa street movement, but more widely distributed.

I have two things to add to that:

1) It's time for us to pray this revival in. Specifically - and I say this based on the 200 other prophecies on this website - it's time to pray this into the Pacific Northwest. I know that I find it much easier to pray for something like this when God has already promised that He would do it.

2) Apparently there are others picking up this theme. Here is Randy Clark talking about the same prophecy.

Note: If you're having difficulty viewing the video, please click on the title (Randy Clark on the Azusa Street 100 Year Prophecy for 2009).

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