A Call To Intercession & Prophesy: Ocean Shores to Aberdeen

Since settling here in March 2001, the Spirit continues to speak to me concerning His move about this area. The voice of the Spirit commands us to "prophesy to the land, the hills, the mountains and the trees." He commands that we "prophesy against the winds of destruction and for the breath of God as He breathes upon the waters." The Spirit is calling forth the spirits of men with an emphasis upon:

1. Wounded Christian Soldiers
2. Backsliders
3. Native Americans
4. American Immigrants
5. Lost and Wounded Souls blinded by mind-altering drugs/alcohol, debauchery, sorcery, child/sexual abuse, and mental illness

While earthquake and tsunami warnings surround us, God would have us to realize that His plan for the North West 'is for good and not for evil.' We are called to seek His wisdom and to pray for His Will to prevail bringing about the cleansing and realignment He desires. We have nothing to fear but the lack of oil in our lamps resulting from complacency. We are exhorted through the stirring up of our gifts by the Holy Spirit to prepare for revival.

This local revival will be marked by the shaking of all things that can be shaken and a great flood of the Holy Spirit mapped in the natural by floods and waves. Even now, men and women are being prepared to "rebuild" after the great shaking. God has called forth a number of "unliklies" to effect a enormous impact upon the Body of Christ. Most of these people are "silently preparing" unaware that they are not alone. The two things these people have in common are:

1. A Godly desire to offer up their time and skills to the edifying of the Body of Christ;
2. A willingness to let God use them in whatever capacity He sees fit regardless to convenience and in the face of great adversity; and
3. A current life-style marked by proverty and/or the lack of modern conveniences afforded to most Americans

The revival we are pressing through to effect will be accomplished through supernatural evangelism.

May 2004, Aberdeen,
Loopie, via http://www.annointed.net

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