This is Personal

by Jan Rouse
In 2003, the day after Easter, as I was driving towards Yelm, the presence of the Holy Spirit filled my car. I was so excited about His presence, it took me a little while to settle down.

I heard the Holy Spirit say this, "What I am doing, I am not doing because you have prayed perfectly right. What I am doing, I am not doing because you have prayed long enough. I heard the enemy boast that the Northwest is his. This is personal. I am going to pour out the light of MY Glory over the Northwest and the darkness will flee from before My presence. It isn't later it's now." He kept saying this over and over.

I heard Him say, "I am going to plunder the treasuries of darkness here, and raise up and use the least of the least to shame the enemy. I am going to use for My Glory, those about whom others have said, they are beyond all hope. I saw a picture of people who were bound in dark dungeons underground coming up into the light. He said, it isn't later, it's now.

He said, " The wars in the heavenlies are not fought over wealth or land; they are fought over the souls of men. People are the prize! All those who call on My name will be saved. I have stirred Myself up as a man of war, and with my own right arm and My upraised right hand I will bring vengeance against the enemy."

I saw a picture of a homeless man encountering the risen Christ on a street and his life being radically change in an instant and then passionately sharing Christ with others. I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I am even going to heal the water and the land. It isn't later it's now."

I asked, "Lord do you mean “now” now or Your now? He said, "When you see something happen with your natural eyes you say the time is "now." I say the time is now when I declare it's now."
Jan Rouse, 2003