Not Quite the Breaker Anointing He Was Expecting

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

So March 27th I broke my radius bone just behind the wrist. Now, when I say broke, I'm not referring to some hairline fracture. The doctors words were, I "blew it up!" He said it was not easy putting it back together. Actually, I believe he said he was in surgery with it for 1.5 hours. It required a plate and 11 screws. He said he didn't even put all the pieces back in.

The first miracle is that during the 5 hours waiting for the surgeon to arrive, my pain was only about a 3 on a scale to 10. Now what's amazing is that my stomach was in turmoil that was consistant with severe pain and yet my pain was nominal. After the numbness wore off from the surgery, the pain escallated to about a 6. It was tolerable, but not comfortable. We finally found a med Saturday evening that would work and that was nice. The amazing thing is I didn't need any meds after Monday 6 AM. All pain was gone. If the story ended there, I would have great cause for celebration. Thank you Lord that there's more to the story.

The doctor said I would be in the temporary splint for 2 weeks to allow for swelling and then 4 weeks in a hard cast before getting in a removeable splint to allow for therapy. I visited the doc after the 2 weeks and got some x-rays and he was expecting to put me in that cast. So after reviewing the x-ray, the doc says "I think I'm going to put you in a removeable splint and start movement therapy right away." Diana probes for more information and he was obviously bewildered, but he was reluctant to say that he couldn't explain something. He goes to the x-ray and shows us where I "blew it up" and showed us how all the screws are where they belong and he stops his conversation before explaining how good it was and basically repeats the same thing and stops again. All his explaination was support for the hard cast and he couldn't bring himself to say what we saw. We were looking at this x-ray of my bone with a plate screwed into it and yet no other defect. After a day less than 2 weeks, I was unable to find any cracks or missing chunks in the bone. I have a perfect bone with a plate screwed to it. Yay God! I did share with him that we had several events of prayer and we were waiting for him to report of what happened.

Now, following continually getting prayed for, I get increase in movement. This improvement is only happening after I get ministered to. During the first two weeks, I had been prayed for several times and each time I felt something happen. The weirdest time was when Diana had the awareness of the presence of God manifesting in her hands and she was made aware that it was a blue substance. When she felt like she was supposed to pour it over me. As she did, I felt something flow into my thumb and down my arm and drip off my elbow. If that's not crazy enough, both Diana and I were left with sticky fingers. I'm not sure what to tell those of you who aren't sure God works that way, but it was a great time had by all and to God be the glory.

I'll have to update this further as the story continues. I just believe I was to share the testimony to encourage others. Remember, testimony is the spirit of prophecy. Testimony give way for duplication of that which is testified.

Tim Phillips
Shared at Revival Town 4/14/2009
Posted on Facebook 4/19/2009
Note: When NWP hears more of Tim's testimony, we'll update this post.

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