To Oregon

The Lord shows your state as a sharply divided place. The lines are drawn and both sides are dug and prepared for the long haul. There is a face off and a stare down as both armies are waiting for the battle. It’s like there are equal two sides and they both are fiercely staring at each other, with weapons drawn and ready.

Then Jesus walks down the middle of the battle lines (between the two sides) and begins to have people switch sides in this battle. The scene is one where he points to people and then they go over his head and join the other army. Then he brings reinforcements in place: more angels to join his side. Suddenly the sides no longer seem so equal as the angels have tipped the balance towards one side.

Then someone asks the Lord, “Why are people changing sides?” He says, “It’s because there are many who will be saved and redeemed who are living in darkness right now. They shall join my army. On the other hand, there are many who say they are on my side yet there are not. I am just going to make sure everyone knows who is on which side of this battle, for there are people who will need to switch sides before the final battle. There are also spies who will need to be found out, for many who say they are on my side are actually not working for me. They are instead covertly working against me. They shall be exposed for who they are. For in this state, all the secret dealings will come into the light and there will be no more secrets. My angels of truth shall expose them and people shall be forced to stand up and takes sides.”

The Cities of Oregon.

The Lord then shows the city of Albany, he says that this city is ground zero for the battle. It is the epicenter where the lines are drawn between the sides. It’s like there is a picture of a city where a line of light meets a line of darkness and there is always contention between the two. It shall become a “New Albany” where my Spirit shall reign freely with no hindrances, but not without a huge struggle.

Then he highlights Grant’s Pass. This city shall be named, “Pass over,” for I will protect it and pass over it.

Portland is a gateway city. And he asks for this city to “Let the King of Glory enter in.” But in his heart he is sad about this city, for in the spirit it is a very barren place. Yet there will be patches of light which will shine through. But overall much of this city will remain in darkness. But surrounding the city will be many who worship the Lord. Their praises shall be heard.”

Bend shall be a bend in the river of the Lord.

Corvallis shall see a great light of the Lord. They shall see a sign and a wonder in the sky which will glorify the name of the Lord.

The Lord shakes his head at Eugene and says that, “This city needs to repent before me. Then I will hear their prayers.”

Medford is a Holy place, a place where the angels can go freely. And they shall be seen there. It is a also a city of Hope and a refuge from the world. I call it a “blessed place.”

Salem is a dark and barren place in the spiritual realms, and they shall have their own reward. Yet there are a few who are faithful and who are witnessing. They shall stand out in the darkness. I call for them to keep on going and remain faithful and I shall take note of them.

Oregon, the battles lines are drawn, and the battle is waiting to be fought. Yet there shall be many who change sides at the last minute. Therefore, expect this and know that I am doing a sifting of the armies, both the army of light and of darkness. Therefore be careful about who you judge.

Oregon will be a state of “Patches.” There will patches of light amidst the fog and darkness. And everything will crystallize into focus as the Lord brings about a new clarity between the light and the dark. Then the angels shall join the battle and the battle will be over before it begins. The enemy will be defeated and his forces shall be brought down and those who remain faithful shall stand victorious in the light. And they shall sing a new song and my glory shall come and cover the land.

Alan Brooks, May 27, 2008

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